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The right point of sale system can help a business manage its daily operations, process customer payments and keep track of inventory. When you’re looking for a new POS system for your company, you want a solution that meets all your needs while improving the customer experience. The clover pos system comes in several different models to fit the bill.

Clover POS Systems

Clover Station 2.0

The latest version of the Clover Station meets all your business needs. The counter-top station allows businesses to process customer payments, track inventory, manage employee time cards, pay bills and identify business trends, all from one central hub. This latest release is able to accept EMV, or chip-enabled, credit cards. Customers will be able to pay with their updated cards and be assured their transaction is secure and convenient. Clover’s software is updated to be better suited for every type of business environment. New features allow restaurants to more easily assign orders to tables. Checkout is easier with the latest system, which features a larger display screen, fingerprint scanning, and a customer-facing printer display.

All Clover hardware systems with the newest software updates assist in daily business operations. Highlights include:

  • Inventory Tracking: Keep tabs on what’s in stock and what needs to be re-ordered, so you never run low on supplies.
  • Employee Time Management: Workers are able to clock in and clock out directly from the terminal, ensuring accurate time cards.
  • Pay Bills: Business owners can pay their company’s bills through integrated accounting software.
  • Business Analytics: The Clover Insights feature allows businesses to run reports on past sales cycles, allowing owners to identify trends. You’ll get a sense of when things are slower and when they’ll more hectic, allowing you to plan ahead when you’re ordering supplies or scheduling employees.

The Clover Station 2.0 serves as a central business center for companies including restaurants, car washes, retail stores, salons and more.

Clover Mini

With a more compact design, the Clover Mini offers many of the same benefits as the Clover Station. The smaller system still accepts multiple payment forms, including debit cards, credit cards, EMV cards and contactless methods like Apple Pay. Clover Mini works well with several software integrations, including the Booker POS software for scheduling appointments. Salons, spas and other outlets needing to book customers in advance are able to accept online reservations and process payments through the Booker software.

Clover Flex

Customers want flexible service that meets them where they are. The Cloverflex handheld point of sale system helps businesses provide that level of service. Restaurant servers can use the device to take orders, run a credit card, get a signature and print a receipt, all right next to the customer’s table. Retail store workers can check customers out while they’re standing in line, getting them on their way faster. The handheld device has a built-in camera and QR code scanner, meaning it can take photos to help with inventory tracking. Businesses have the option to pair one or more Clover Flex devices with their central system, adding more as they grow.

Clover point of sale systems can adapt to a variety of business needs, from small shops to large-scale operations.

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