Top things to know before using E-signed contracts

We are living in a digital world, where businesses have now become modern and equipped with technology. Technology has been involved in all aspects of businesses, whether it is risk management, human resource, sales and marketing, supply chain management, operational activities, or end-user delivery. Although all the transformation from paper to computer has been accepted worldwide, the electronic signature is still facing the concerns, raised by the businesses.

More importantly, many businesses have incorporated electronic signature due to the convenience and time-saving option. However, they do not know much about the details of this technology. They are using electronically signed contracts, as they can complete the documentation processes more conveniently.

electronically signed contracts

However, it is not enough. The businesses should learn some basic steps that they need to follow before using an electronic signature solution like Doc Sign Pro signature app. We are pointing out some key steps here that that you need to keep in mind before using electronic signature:

Is your signature real or you are using an image? 

When you use an electronic signature, all signature solutions develop a digital copy of your signature to use for signing the document. It is the confirmation that you show your intent to sign. However, its legitimation and validation are limited in scope. It needs confirmation that no one else has signed the document, your intent is there, and the signatures are yours. On the other hand, the best signature is those that are according to the clauses, mentioned in the 2000 E-Sign Act. An advanced electronic signature uses OTP and biometric identification to complete the process that is the best solution to keep your documents protected.

You need third-party certification or not?

You also need a third-party signature certificate for validation. For those companies, which are using images for signature, they use digital certificates. These licenses are valid for a year and you need to renew it when expired. However, the best practice is to use these certificates when you are using an advanced digital signature to improve the security of the documents.

What data, a digital solution provider captures with your signature?

To cater to the increasing security and privacy issues, the electronically signed contracts signature providers have introduced numerous things. For example, you need a third-party signature validation certificate. It will help you present yourself in front of the courts and mediators when there is a conflict upon signature. With that, OTP is also generated to keep an eye on the signer, whether he is valid or not by sending one time passwords to the email and phone number, which were given during the registration process.

Moreover, electronic signature services also offer biometric verification to check the validity of the signature. It has time stamping and audit trails that ensure the security and protection of electronically signed documents.

The working procedure of audit trail

According to the experts, for any digital management platform like digital signature solutions, the audit trail is a key element. They think that the audit trail should be mandatory because, without it, you cannot validate the document without authentication.

Furthermore, there is a chain of custody or audit trail that you need to follow to make the documents, authentic. Blockchain technology is the most preferred solution for an audit trail that keeps all the relevant parties and stakeholders informed about the processing, tracking, and timings through which the signing process will be completed.

The Bottom Line

The businesses are facing numerous types of challenges while using electronic signature solutions. They need to be aware of all of them. However, the above-described things are the most important things that a business should keep in mind. They must be aware of the details, related to these things. It will help them use digital signature more effectively and efficiently.

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