Toyota Guards – Protecting Your Shocks When Out On the Trail

I can tell you from experience that when your truck’s shocks get damaged, it can cost you quite a lot to get things repaired. The trouble is, I’m a keen rock climber and I can’t get out and enjoy my hobby without driving over challenging ground. Which is why I’ve ended up damaging not one, but two sets of shocks over the years, but that all stopped when someone suggested that I invest in some Toyota guards.


There’s Trouble Lurking Out on the Trail

The reason why I’d suggest anyone like me – anyone who loves pursuits that take you out into the great outdoors – to invest in some shock guards is that trouble is lurking behind every turn when you’re driving over uneven or rocky ground. 

Toyota guards are there to protect your shocks against damage that leads to total breakage or for your truck to start rebounding more often than it should. Large rocks, small rocks and potholes are all issues that can lead to damage, but that’s not all. 

Dust and sand can also create issues for your shocks when it gets inside the seals. The more mechanically-minded amongst you will know that once this happens, the fluid may start to seep out and that’s when it starts to get expensive. This can happen on any dirt road when travelling for long enough and is an even bigger issue when you get some speed up and start drifting around corners. 

Then there’s the issue of mud, which can build up really quickly and again get inside your shock’s seals and cause untold damage. So, if you want to protect your shocks, you’ve got two choices: 1) stay on the highway (not an option worth considering for offroaders generally speaking) or fit some shock guards to prolong their life whilst also letting you indulge in your passion.

How Are Toyota Guards So Effective?

You don’t need to be a mechanical whizz to know that the vulnerable part of your shocks is the exposed area, which is the area protected by the aforementioned shock guards. When you have a set fitted, your shocks get 360 degree protection, meaning you don’t have to be so gentle when travelling over uneven ground.

High quality brands like those are designed to provide complete protection for your shocks, so even when travelling over the toughest terrain you don’t need to worry about anything. As well as providing effective protection for the exposed area of your shocks, Toyota guards also help to protect the shock seal and there are even some types that include a drain hole to ensure that you don’t get any trapped water when traversing through water. 

Toyota Guards : You Know They Make Sense!

Let’s face it, if you’re into your offroading and outward-bound pursuits like me, then you’re not going to want to stop getting out there and indulging in what gets your blood pumping.

The good news is that your passion doesn’t have to be enjoyed at the expense of your Toyota truck thanks to shock guards. Priced at a shade under 150 bucks, you can maybe understand why some people baulk at the cost, but when you think about the alternative – broken shocks – the wisdom of buying them becomes clear.

Get some before you head out on the trail. You know it makes sense. 

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