Everything you need to know about traffic tickets and violations

Everything you need to know about traffic tickets and violations – It is general information that there are a set of state and federal traffic laws that regulate the operation of vehicles on the road. Traffic violations are commonplace since there are a large number of vehicles plying on the streets regularly.

Traffic tickets and violations

Now, when it comes to traffic violations, there are several types including the common infractions like running the red light and some pretty serious ones including the driving under the influence and reckless driving while endangering human lives. A law enforcement officer issues these traffic violations and processed at the local court.

The following post is all about traffic violations and how to select a professional and expert traffic attorney if you are looking to contest your ticket.

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Traffic tickets come with a strict liability

There is a catch with traffic tickets. These tickets are issued along with a severe liability offense. This means that criminal intent is not required for a conviction and thus you need to pay up the fine since you are already guilty as charged. That you committed the prohibited act is proof enough to convict you. The following are the reasons for a traffic ticket.

  • Speeding and reckless driving
  • The failure to yield when stopped by the police
  • Lane changing with indicating
  • Driving an impaired vehicle
  • Parking at spots reserved for the physically challenged
  • In case of overdue payments on parking meters

Now for moving violations

The moving violations are defined as the violation of traffic laws by vehicles in motion. These include running a stop sign or red lights, drunk driving, and excessive muffler noise. These are different from the non-moving violations that include parking in front of a fire hydrant or the no-parking zones.

About speeding tickets

Speeding tickets are based on various state and federal legislation. Maximum operable speed limits are usually set according to settings of a locality. For the highway, it is around the 65 mph mark and for residential and school areas it is 35 mph and 25 mph respectively. However, these laws are subject to various specifications like driving at 65 mph on the state highway during inclement weather like the rains or hail can result in a speeding ticket.

However, with an expert Long Island traffic lawyer, you can contest your tickets and prove your innocence. Look for the following legal experts or lawyers who fight the following cases.

  • Routine violations of traffic
  • DWI and DUI
  • Accidents involving motor vehicles

If you are thinking about how to hire your expert lawyer here is how to go about it,

Check the location

Always go for the local attorney since he/she will be familiar with the court and police officials and the area for collecting witness statements.

Go by their experience

Experience is the silver bullet in this profession. So check the experience factor before hiring your lawyer.

Make sure of the success rate

Ask about their success rate and their definition of success.

Additionally, keep in mind that you have a right to the law. So if you want to contest your traffic violation ticket and are short on the sufficient amount of cash required to hire an attorney, you can ask the court to assign the public defender to contest on your behalf.

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