Try the Best Fun Games in Budapest!

Accordingly, Budapest is also known as the capital of escape rooms. The special fun games has become a tourist-attracting Hungaricum by now.

Besides its spectacular attractions and special atmosphere, the Hungarian capital offers several entertaining activities and games you should not miss as a tourist! Have you ever tried playing football in a bubble?

Would you like to act as a detective and escape from a traproom?  Are you interested in playing VR, or trying 3D Blacklight Minigolf? If the answer is yes, visit Budapest and try the best fun games ever! ?

Best Fun Games in Budapest

Escape Rooms Fun Games

The world’s first escape room was opened in 2006. Despite its early start, the detective game became world-famous after Hungary’s first trap room, Parapark was opened in 2011.

Accordingly, Budapest is also known as the capital of escape rooms. The special logic game has become a tourist-attracting Hungaricum by now, providing a real „flow” experience to the participants.

Psychologically, this factor can be considered as the key element of entertainment. According to the Hungarian scientist, Mihály Csíkszentmihályi – flow experience can be defined as the condition when the outside world desappears.

Just like in the case of escape rooms, where all the participants have one thing in their minds – to resolve the mystery within a given time!

Cyberjump Trampoline Park Budapest

Europe’s largest trampoline park can be found in Budapest at a territory of 3,000 m2. The special leisure centre offers great entertainment opportunity for all ages.


Cyberjumb Trampoline Park includes several exciting tracks and enjoyable arenas where visitors can try all forms of jumping. Do you feel like a Ninja Warrior; are you interested in tramplone basketball track? Do not hesitate, Cyberjumb Trampoline Park is looking forward to your visit in Budapest!

Play VR Budapest

Virtual reality (VR) is a technology that makes you feel yourself in another world. The virtual world can be chosen by You! You can discover the depths of the ocean, or fight in a zombie apocalypse.

The controller enables you to touch all the surrounding objects and even use it as a weapon if you get in danger. No need to worry, in VR nothing bad can happen to you. In Play VR Budapest, fun is guaranteed!

3D Blacklight Minigolf

In Neonis SD Blacklight minigolf, indoor minigolf can be played in ultraviolet light. The colourful neon golf course provides a special atmosphere that can be enjoyed by both children and adults, or can be reserved by groups as well. Opening hours: Thursday – Friday: 14:00 – 21:00; Saturday – Sunday: 12:00 – 21:00. Advance booking is recommended!

Bubble Football Budapest

If you are a football Fun Games and would like to kick the ball in an extreme way, Bubble Football is the ideal sport for you! Game rules are the same; however, the equipment is a bit different. Bubble Football cannot be played without wearing a huge plastic bubble on the head. Want to try something crazy?!

Invisible Exhibition

Thanks to this special exhibition, sighted people can experience how to live without the sense of sight. The one-hour long tour is completed in total darkness, during which visitors are accompanied by blind or partially sighted guides who help them in such daily activites as crossing the road or choosing spices for lunch.

AR Games

Besides these activities, you also get to know all those devices and objects that help blind people in their everyday life. If you would like a foreign language guide, pre-registration is required via phone or email! Visit Invisible Exhibition and be part of a special experience that will change your vision of life!

Palace of Miracles

This unique, interactive exhibition can be found in the House of Future Centre, providing several thematic exhibitions to its visitors of all generations.

If you would like to understand nature and get to know the world of science in a playful way, then you should not miss the Palace of Miracles in Budapest! An exhibition that can be enjoyed by all the members of the family; where you can experience and understand the phenomena of science without sitting at the school desk; an expo where you can conduct experiments and be part of several miracles.

Mars Mission Budapest

If you would like to participate in an extraterrestrial logic game, then you should not miss Mars Mission Budapest! In the special game studio, several modern games and puzzles can be resolved, with 13 different capsules hiding exciting challenges to the participants.

Challenges can be completed within 90 minutes, during which participants are monitored and evaluated by scientists. Mars Mission Budapest is a perfect venue for birthday parties and team building events as well. At the end of the game, you can get your own digital diploma!

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