10 Buying Hacks to Follow Before You Bring Home a New TV

TV Buying Guide – There is no home without a television. Not just home, televisions have become an important part of corporate offices, hotels and almost all public places. Selecting an ideal television for your office or house is a big task.

tv buying guide

There are so many brands selling television sets in India of different varieties. Televisions available in the market differ in features, specifications, cost and other factors. Here is a television buying guide to help you in making the right choice!

1. Budget

The first thing to do while you plan to buy a TV is to make a budget. TVs are available in all price ranges. If you do not fix a budget, you will end up getting confused. It is always better to decide the price range to choose among the options.

2. Type of TV

One of the most important thing in today’s times is to decide the kind of TV you want to buy. With the evolution of Smart TVs, traditional TVs are not the only option left. A smart TV is a TV that is capable of connecting to the internet for online content and services without an external device. Smart TVs are high-priced than traditional TVs as they have the latest technological features.

3. Type of Screen

There are different types of TV screens available on the market. LCD TVs, LED TVs, OLEDs, QLEDs, MicroLED and Plasma Screens are screen types available in India. All of these screens use different types of lighting technologies. LEDs are the most popular among them. Sony TV is one of them that you can consider to buy.

4. Screen resolution

Resolution of the TV decides your visual experience. A low- resolution TV does not produce a clear and bright image. As such, you will not enjoy watching the content. HD (High-Definition), Full HD, 4K and 8K are the resolution types. 4K TVs are the most popular and common today. 4K resolution is available in TVs of almost all sizes and price range. 8K is the highest resolution but is available only in very high-priced TVs.

5. Screen size

The size of your room or office where you want to install the TV is something you should keep in mind. Although this factor is not that important now as TVs have become less intrusive and take less space. Even then buying a big screen size TV is not always feasible. You should select the size of the TV screen as per your budget, TV mounting space and viewing distance.

6. Connectivity options

Connectivity options are an important consideration while buying a new TV. The right TV cables and ports make a huge difference. HDMI cables provide higher speeds and greater bandwidth. You should check whether the TV has Bluetooth connectivity and enough HDMI ports. This will help you in watching more content and connecting devices to your TV.

7. Refresh rate

The refresh rate is a measure of the number of times per second a TV redraws the image on the screen. It reduces the motion blur and gives a clear picture. The higher is the refresh rate, the smoother the picture. The refresh rate is being measured in Hertz (Hz). If you want to buy the latest TV, you should go for a minimum of 120 Hz.

8. HDR compatibility

HDR is a new feature of high-resolution TVs that display 4K and 8K content. It is a new colour format. HDR-compatible TVs offer better contrast and more realistic colours with increased brightness. The basic standard for HDR content in TVs is HDR10. You should check this while buying a new TV.

9. Sound quality

High-quality sound in a TV is as important as its visual quality. All slim TVs do not have excellent audio quality. Thus, always check the sound system before buying a TV. You may also invest in a sound system to start enjoying thumping audio if you are buying a budget TV.

10. Brand and Warranty

A large number of brands manufacture and sell TVs in India. You should always buy a TV from a well-known brand. TVs are electronic devices, and a good brand ensures good quality. You should also check the warranty period offered by the manufacturer.

There are many other factors that you may consider while buying a new TV. You should buy a TV only after checking the specifications you are looking for. You can also refer to television buying guides available online to help you in making a decision.

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