5 ways that Twitter can help your eCommerce business

Are you looking for an effective way to drive more sales for your ecommerce business?

Twitter for your ecommerce

Did it occur to you that Twitter can be the answer?

Here are just two reasons why. Your online customers are more likely to use Twitter. Secondly, content on Twitter has a high potential of influencing its users. Therefore, you have a platform that allows you to directly engage with your target audience. You can also post content that showcases your products and services. Thus, you could be changing their purchase decisions in your favor.

Engagement and content posting may sound vague to you. So, we have chosen five ways you can use Twitter to leverage your sales.You can use Twitter to build interest. Here are five ways Twitter for your ecommerce.

1.You can use Twitter to build interest

Would you buy from a company that only spams its followers – or Twitter users – with photos and videos? Why expect your customers to do so? To get people to buy from you, you must work on your brand presence. After you have done that, start building interest in your products. Some easy ways of doing that include creating memes that Twitter users can relate to. Or, you could create content relevant to your industry. Tweet the best lines from your post via your company account.

Another practice that can turn the thing in your favor has to do with trending hashtags. Watch out for ones that will enable you to be a part of the conversations your customers are having. For example, Hobby Lobby is a brand that sells craft supplies. They ride the wave that #NationalCraftMonth heralds by posting collages made with their products. They also throw in the link to their DIY Crafts Pinterest board. Inspire your customers to buy from you!

2.Reward your customers with discounts

For your existing customers and Twitter followers (buy twitter followers here), offer a discount or a promo code. The lure of a code or a discount is usually enough of an incentive for purchase. For instance, if you run a business like the Leather Skin Shop, you can use your products – and discounts — to boost your conversion rates. 

Want more engagement among your followers? Then try running a giveaway or two. This promotion has the potential to bring in newer clients who you may not reach otherwise. 

Finally, make things even more happening by getting help. We mean contact Twitter influencers and bloggers. A sample of your products can convince them to review these on their blog or their account. 

You may even give them unique discount codes that they can offer to their followers. Or, ask them to throw in affiliate links. When they tag you in their posts, it can increase your brand’s credibility and engagement potential.

customers and Twitter followers

3.Provide immediate customer support

Use Twitter to elevate customer support services. When customers DM their queries, immediate replies can decrease the chance of losing them for good. When an unsatisfied customer posts a negative tweet about your brand, respond to them politely. Your customers expect that from you, so don’t delay the response. 

Many retailers will ignore the inquiries they receive via Twitter. Most of the time, it’s because they only maintain a superficial Twitter presence. This becomes even more obvious when we see Tweets with company names but without a Twitter handle. The companies do not have the resources to provide customer support via Twitter too. Would you be one of them?

Twitter customer support services

4. Acquire new customers or generate leads

Prospect for leads with Twitter’s help. For instance, if you run an auto mechanic business, you can search Twitter with terms like ‘need mechanic’ or ‘mechanic near me’. Go through the results and note down the posters tweeting from within 10 miles of your business address. Now you have potential leads that you can begin to engage.

Attract more new customers by searching for intent-based tweets. Internet Live Statistics reports that the site sees 500 million tweets each day. Out of those, a huge portion starts with – or contain – the phrases, ‘I need’ or ‘I want’. Design personalized offers for prospective customers by compiling the results of intent tweets, keywords, and geolocation!

Your competitor’s loss should be your gain. Use Twitter to find those unhappy customers. Observe what they need from you first. Do they want a reply to an inquiry that they aren’t getting? Supply it. Are they looking to fulfill a specific need that you know your product can cater to? Reach out to them. Your intention should be to help them. That is usually enough to turn them into a hot lead.

Finally, expanding on the last tip, become a part of the general conversations about your industry. Whether or not the people asking questions are your customers or that of your competitor’s, respond to them. Do the same even if their query isn’t related to your product or business. Building warm connections usually result in converted leads.

  1. Create your own content calendar for Twitter

Even companies with great ideas may run out of them after several initial bouts of Tweeting. Based on the kind of business you run, you may want to create a daily, weekly, or monthly content calendar for Twitter.

For example, a weekly calendar starting Monday can go something like this:

  • On Mondays, share a Twitter-only promotion. Appreciate your followers by including a code exclusively for them
  • For Tuesdays, you could add a behind-the-scenes video that makes your company or brand more relatable. Or, if you have a new product or line coming out, showcase it.
  • On a Wednesday, be helpful and give tips to customers that bring out the best in your products. Alternate by answering questions your customers may have asked.
  • Post a testimonial from a satisfied customer on Thursdays
  • End the week by posting a joke or an interesting fact on a Friday. 

Create multiple series of such tweets. You can also look into tools that post your tweets automatically. All you need do is schedule them.

Parting thoughts

When you begin using Twitter for your ecommerce needs, you will doubtlessly figure out even newer ways to promote your business. Keep at it, we say!

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