The A – Z Guide Of Types of Pendants. What You should know?

Pendant and chains are the easiest way to change your whole look. Just like a solitaire ring, these give a glittery touch to your clothes without being over-the-top.

Types of pendants

They can accentuate the neckline and make it look long and slender.

These may not be considered essential to your style but can make a difference. It lends the wearer a subtle touch of glamour within the bounds of simplicity.

The type of pendants you wear can say a lot about you and are more appreciated when you pair them with the right clothes.

If you are looking to wear one daily then ensure you pick a design that goes with most of your clothing.

Pendants are thoughtful and intimate gift that can be given to your loved ones.

Let us look at some of the types of pendants that can make a statement.

  • Solitaire pendantSolitaire pendants are the most popular and preferred choice as they can be matched with any outfit.These are never out of fashion and look good in a professional outfit as well. A delicate design around a single solitaire can also look beautiful.
  • Crystal pendant – Crystal pendants are for the times you have a formal engagement for the evening. It can be colourful and attract attention so be careful to wear it with solid colours.Crystal pendants add a touch of class if worn with the right colours.
  • Religious or protective symbols – You can make your mom happy and add a piece of jewellery to your collection with a religious symbol.Some symbols are known to ward off evil are incorporated in the jewellery line elegantly. For example, a hamsa or “The Hand of God” is used to bring happiness and health to those that wear it.Hamsa has a definite shape and a stone in the middle that is believed to keep away all negative and evil energies.

    What a lovely and thoughtful gift this can be! These can be unisex based on the kind of chain being used.

  • Pearl pendant – A pearl pendant or a string of pearls is a timeless classic. Switching out a single pearl for solitaire or a crystal can change the look of the string dramatically.A single pearl pendant in a chain can look graceful as well.
  • Metals – Having a mix of metals in a pendant can make a captivating piece. Switching up matching earrings once in a while can be easier with this pendant.
  • Letters – Getting a necklace made with letters as pendants are personalized and a good way to keep your loved ones close to your heart. You can switch up the pendant by changing the angle of the letters.
  • Layered pendants and necklaces – Wearing layers of pendants in chains gives a casual and chic look. If you are a fan of accessorizing then this kind of neckpieces are a must-have in your jewellery box.
  • Tassel pendants – For a deep neck dress, you need something that makes use of that neckline. The tassel pendant is a tassel made of diamonds or metals at the end of the chain.
  • Pendant on a choker – Pendants on a choker can always be seen and can go with any casual outfit.

Find the perfect pendant for yourself and shine brighter!

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