US Threats of war with North Korea are dangerous and short-sighted – Hillary Clinton

The former candidate for the US presidency stated that US North Korea war would prove devastating.

US North Korea War Threats are dangerous and short-sighted - Hillary Clinton

Urging negotiations

Hillary Clinton, former US secretary of State stated on Wednesday that the threats hurled at North Korea are very not appropriate. She urged the US administration to starts negotiations with the peninsula rather than issuing warnings of war.

Clinton further said that there was absolutely no need for being aggressive as if North Korea declared war of the US.

Out-front Role for China

Fearing that a North Korean nuclear war would prove devastating, Clinton called on China to take a more out-front role in the crisis.

China can play a very positive role in the enforcement of sanctions against North Korea regarding its nuclear development and missile programs.

Emphasizing the role of diplomacy in curbing such crisis, Hillary Clinton affirmed at a forum in South Korea that more pressure could be applied on North Korea through diplomatic channels.

North Korea Weapons Tests

US North Korea war – Tensions between America and North Korea aggravated after the latter conducted a series of weapons tests. It was followed by some very harsh exchanges between the US president and the leader of North Korea.

Hillary Clinton said that the North Korean leader was deliberately provoking the US. Any harsh reply from the West puts a smile on his face.

War of Words

Without mentioning Donald Trump by name, Hillary Clinton stated that the recent spate of insults on social media targeting North Korea had actually benefited Kim Jong Un.

Donald Trump has called the North Korean leader ‘little rocket man’ who was on a suicide mission. He also vowed that he would destroy North Korea if it dared to threaten America or its allies.

In retaliation, Kim Jong Un called Donald Trump a ‘mad dog’ and a ‘mentally deranged’ person.

China has been urging the two sides to start negotiations, however, America and its most important ally in the region, Japan are not ready to sit down until North Korea stops development of nuclear arsenal.

The North Korean ambassador to the United Nations urged on Monday that the situation had reached a tipping point and a nuclear war with the US may break out any time.

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