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how to recover permanently deleted files from pendrive

How to Recover Deleted Files from Pen Drive Step by Step Solution

“Greetings to all! I have a 16GB SanDisk pen drive where I store all my pictures and important document. As my drive was running out of space, so I decided to delete some useless files. Accidentally, I also deleted some files, which is useful to me. Now, I am curious to know if there is some method to undelete those files from my pen drive. Kindly suggest some reliable and convenient solution to recover permanently deleted files from pen drive, thanks!”

Why There is a Need to Use Pen Drive?

Most of the users have the pen drive, which is often used to store, transfer documents, backup files, etc. This portable drive provides a speedy transfer process. It comes in different storage capacity, so it becomes easy for the users to avail it as per their need. However, this portable and small in size drive is prone to corrupt in several ways such as accidental deletion, shift deleted, unintentional formatting, virus intrusions or any kind of human errors and so on. Hence, there comes a need on how to recover deleted files from pen drive. Are you looking out for this solution? Then, come let us elaborate it more.

Major Reasons Behind Data Deletion in Pen Drive

We never know when a disaster can happen as it cannot be predicted in advance. Therefore, nobody expects their data to be deleted or getting corrupted in any terms. Well, there are so many reasons for data to get shift deleted from pen drive. So, let’s check out some common reasons that cause data loss issue in pen drive.

  1. Improperly unplugging the pen drive without safe ejecting
  2. Accidentally formatting the drive, which leads to data loss
  3. Human errors like cut and paste process, where there are chances of permanently losing the files
  4. Secret attack of virus or any malicious software that can corrupt and delete your data
  5. When the drive contains bad sectors that can also lose access to the file
  6. Due to insufficient power supply, the files cannot be written to the drive properly
  7. Mistakenly deleting the files from the pen drive without having the backup of those files

Things to Note For a Proper Data Recovery Process

As soon as you realized that the data is deleted from the drive due to the aforesaid reasons. One should take some precautionary act, which is mentioned below in order to recover deleted files from USB drive.

  1. Do not use the drive to prevent further damage that may lose your data
  2. Stop formatting or reformatting the pen drive, as formatting involves various writing actions
  3. Ensure that you do not try to create new files, move or copy data. As this can override the deleted data that may not be recoverable
  4. Do not try to repair bad sectors from the pen drive. Although it contains bad sectors, repairing could destroy the data that is stored on or near bad sectors

Frequently Used Manual Solutions to Recover Deleted Files from Pen Drive

Solution #1: Recover Deleted Files from Pen Drive Using CMD

  1. Initially, connect the pen drive to your system and make sure that it is recognized by Windows
  2. Now, type cmd in the search box, right-click cmd.exe and choose Run as administrator option
    how to recover deleted files from pen drive using cmd
  3. Then, type the pen drive letter that is showing on your system and hit Enter to recover deleted files from pen drive (E.g. G)
  4. After that, type ATTRIB -H -R -S /S /D *.* and press Enter key
  5. Wait for some time, then check the pen drive and verify whether the files are recovered successfully

Solution #2: Recover Permanently Deleted Files from Pen Drive via Previous Version

In this approach, all the previous versions of files and folders are created by Windows backup feature. This can be utilized to recover the deleted files from pen drive. However, if there is no backup of the files or folders, then this method is not feasible.

  1. Go to Start>> This PC>> Open Windows Explorer to recover deleted files from pen drive
  2. Navigate the folder from which the files were deleted
  3. Then, right-click the folder and select Properties option
  4. From there, select Previous Versions where it lists all the previous version of the folder
  5. Now, select the file edition to be restored and click the Restore button

Expert Solution to Recover Shift Deleted Files from Pen Drive

While performing the above described manual method, a user must be technically skilled to understand and execute the cmd commands. Hence, it becomes difficult for naive users to recover permanently deleted files from pen drive. Are you worried about implementing the manual steps? Do you feel it as a challenging method? Then, here comes the final solution to retrieve permanently deleted files from pen drive using SysTools Pen Drive Deleted File Recovery tool. It is a safe and secure software that can efficiently recover all kinds of files like document, video, audio, photos, etc. from the pen drive. It offers advanced filter based search option, hence it becomes easy for the user to navigate items within the recovery results.

Final Words

For users who are running from pillar to post to understand the process of recovering the shift deleted files from pen drive. Then, by reading this blog, one can easily recover permanently deleted files from pen drive. Here, we have discussed two different manual methods, which you may find complex. Therefore, the ultimate solution is to switch immediately to a reliable third-party tool. This tool can easily recover deleted files from pen drive whether it is normal deleted or permanently deleted by pressing shift+delete button. No matter what brand or what size it is. Also, users can download easily on all versions of Windows operating system.

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