Ways to Improve Yourself Through COVID-19

Ways to Improve Yourself Through COVID-19

Unplug Your Device

With all the time available to most of us through this “lockdown” age of COVID-19, many of us are wondering what to do next. Until we figure that out, however, a lot of people are now spending more time on their devices than ever before.

Ways to Improve Yourself Through COVID-19

Most notably spending many hours on social media which can have long-lasting negative impacts on both the body and mind.

Experts are seeing a rise in: 

  • Feelings of stress and anxiety about being left out or missing out on something
  • Interruptions in sleep patterns and inability to unwind and unplug
  • Impact on self-confidence, harmful impacts of cyber-bullying or perceptions we might have of ourselves. 
  • Feelings of tiredness, eye-strain, or decreased interest in physical activity. 
  • Back discomfort, joint discomfort, or bad posture from sitting for extended periods over keyboards or screens is another long term ramification of spending more time on your device. 

Opting for a walk and/or reading a book are great ways to produce space between you and your gadget. Meditation, even for just five minutes a day, can be a fantastic workout in mindfulness and finding stillness in an ever growing loud and distracting world. If setting limitations or taking time away from your device does not work, attempt a “digital day off” or a brief period of detox simply fasting from utilizing social networks and electronic devices for a time period.

Focus On Helping Others

While COVID-19 can result in sensations of helplessness, there are numerous ways to assist others throughout this difficult time. Are there older grownups or other high-risk individuals living near you who may not be able to get to the supermarket safely, and who are not tech-savvy sufficient to use grocery shipment apps?

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Looking for them and running their errands and important tasks for them can make a genuine difference in their lives. Surprisingly, the most effective goods deeds at offering you a lift might be the ones you do for people whom you do not even know personally. 

Providing blood is a method to actually save a life or a couple of them. Blood is currently in short supply, and healthy adults without medical conditions are being asked to donate if they can. It may be a little harder with most places making donors go through COVID-19 testing. Nevertheless it is still an important consideration.

Starting Your Own Business

Improving yourself can be something as simple as expanding your horizons, or putting effort into getting a few extra bucks into the family budget during the COVID epidemic. Starting an online business is an exceptional way to better yourself while also bringing in an extra income that is reliable. The best part is, starting an online business allows you to make your schedule so you don’t have to worry about missing out on important family events or overworking yourself. 

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There are too many options to choose from when discussing starting an online business, the largest probably being selling products online. To sell products, certain tools aid in making the process less stressful and more successful. Look for tools that will help your skillset and your business the most; not every tool is for everyone. 

A program to think about if you have little to no experience with online business would be one called the BookProfits Program. This program was created by Jon Shugart and Luke Sample to help everyday people make big profits through book arbitrage. 

The BookProfits reviews have been nearly all positive. The program is not hard to understand, and effective at sorting out the books that aren’t right for you so you know exactly what you should buy. Buying and selling books online is the best way to stay safe and make some extra cash to help get you through COVID-19. 

This program is great to introduce you to the world of online business, which is the future of business, just look at all the huge online businesses out there. Starting your own business is a great and productive way to better yourself through COVID-19.

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