Wedding Day Superstitions And Their Meaning Decoded!

Weddings are filled with traditions and superstitions which rule everything that is done. From the color of the Christian wedding invitations to the time at which to say, “I do”, everything is measured by a yardstick called superstitions. Here we burst the bubble about some traditional wedding day superstitions.

Rain on wedding day superstitions
  • Rain on wedding day superstition: If the skies pour down on your big day, it is considered a good sign. It is believed that rain means the universe is sending best wishes and good vibes your way. So, when it rains, don’t fret! In some cultures rain also symbolizes fertility and cleansing.
  • A sharp gift: Did you buy a set of kitchen knives for the new couple? Knives are believed to be an offensive choice and symbolize broken relationships and bad luck – obviously not a good omen. To balance out the negativity, put a penny or two with the wedding gift.
  • Many pieces, many years: This tradition from Italy calls for couples smashing glass vases with all their might. It is believed that as many numbers of pieces of the vase, as many years of the wedding!
  • Rise up from the evil: In medieval Europe, according to popular opinion, it was believed that evil forces try to get at the new bride through her feet at the door frame while she steps in. To keep this from happening, the groom carries the bride so that her feet don’t touch the ground and the eerie forces can’t get hold of her.
  • Bourbon a day, keeps the rain away: Are you afraid that the rain will bring your wedding to a wet end? Well, and then bury a bottle of bourbon at the wedding venue. Yes, you heard it right. The Southerners believed that burying a bottle of bourbon at the wedding venue one month prior, keeps the rain away on your wedding day.
  • Something old, new, borrowed and blue: This traditional rhyme holds importance when it comes to wedding superstitions. Wearing something old is not a good practice because it is believed that the bride is stuck in her past. Wearing new is auspicious because it is believed that the bride looks ahead to the future. Wearing something borrowed from a happy couple is said to bring good luck to the new couple too. And wearing blue is linked to fidelity and love.
  • A wedding day nightmare: Spiders are a nightmare even on a regular day and it is not something you will want on your precious day! But as the legend goes, if an eight-legged friend lands up on your wedding dress, it is luck knocking your door.
  • The nun: If you see a nun or a monk on your way to your wedding, it symbolizes a life of charity and is not considered a good sign.
  • Happy tears: Shedding tears on your wedding day is considered a good omen because it is believed that if the bride cries her heart out, she won’t shed any tears after marriage.

Happy wedding!

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