What Ails Your Liver: Various Diseases and Infections That Happen

As a part of the body and the digestive system, the liver is an integral organ with the property of regeneration. The liver recognizes various nutrients and metabolizes them to convert them into required enzymes for the body to process. The liver also produces bile which is then used by the small intestine to complete digestion. Alongside this, the liver is also responsible for breaking down the red blood cells and producing various hormones that are required by various parts of the body.

Regeneration or healing itself whenever there is any injury or damage caused to it is one of the most fascinating qualities of the liver. As little as 25% of the remaining liver can regenerate itself back to a fully functional size. But with time, injuries, scars, and diseases attacking the liver can cause issues that make it lose functioning and the ability to regenerate. This is the point where you might need to consult an expert for a liver transplant in India. Here is a look at some of the most common diseases that have the ability to hurt your liver.

Liver Disease

Common Diseases and Infections of Liver

  • Cirrhosis: Cirrhosis is a buildup of scars on the liver. We know that when scars heal, they leave behind scar tissue. As the percentage of scar tissue in the liver increases, the capacity to operate at full potential decreases significantly. Cirrhosis is one of the direst complications in the liver. It may even result in loss of complete function.  This cirrhosis is known to be a serious complication as it is not completely reversible. The liver cirrhosis treatment cost in India depends on the stage of the condition that you are at. Talking to an expert consultant is the right way to go.
  • Acute Liver Failure: This is an abrupt liver failure that shuts down the liver in weeks, if not days. Not caused by any long-term liver disease, this could be due to prescription medicines that don’t agree with your liver, an infection, or acetaminophen overdose.
  • Wilson’s Disease: An inherited condition, Wilson’s Disease causes a copper buildup in the liver and in surrounding organs as the liver loses the ability to release copper into bile. When the liver cannot hold it anymore, it releases the copper into the bloodstream causing serious damages to vital organs.
  • Liver Cancer: An abnormal growth of mutated cells in the liver, Liver cancer is primarily of two types; one that originates in the liver, called Primary Liver Cancer, and the one that spreads to the liver, called Metastatic Liver Cancer. The aggravating factors of this kind of cancer are hepatitis and alcohol abuse.
  • Bile Duct Cancer: Bile Ducts are the tubes that run from the liver to the small intestine, and transport bile for digestion. Bile duct cancer is the growth of malignant tumors in the channel, especially in men of age 50 to 70. An uncommon condition, the worst part about this cancer is that in most cases it never completely goes away.
  • Hepatitis: Infections that inflame the liver are painful especially the three types of Hepatitis.1.) Hepatitis A, which is caused by drinking or eating anything that has come in contact with fecal matter. The condition does not last for more than 6 months and does no long-term harm, but hurts a lot. 2.) Hepatitis B is a communicable infection that can spread through a shared needle or unprotected sex. 3.) Hepatitis C is caused by sharing of the infected blood. You can get it from shared needles or getting the wrong transfusions. 
  • Reye Syndrome: A rare illness that affects children primarily, the Reye Syndrome attacks the ability of the brain and the liver the most. It causes fatty deposits, abnormal liver functions, poor and/or excessive blood clotting, and eventually, liver failure.
  • Fatty Liver Disease: Fatty Liver Disease is a condition where there is an excessive deposit of fat in your liver. In most cases, it is found in individuals with heavy drinking problems. The buildup causes obstructions in the functioning of the liver. The condition of a fattened liver not caused by alcohol is called Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease (NAFLD). Major symptoms of NAFLD include high blood pressure, increased cholesterol, resistance to insulin, and weight/fat gain around the belly.


Although the liver can regenerate, there is always a loss of function since the recovery is more compensatory than you might imagine. This ability to regenerate is lost with time, and the consequences are severe. That is why it is often claimed that prevention is preferable to cure.

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