What Are The Sitecore Support Services They Provide?

The Sitecore solution has emerged to be one of the most effective tools for every critical business technology. Anytime your business can face the problem relating to the e-commerce store, the digital presence of your company, and your company’s ERP system. Once your business faces issues in these areas, it becomes impossible to pinpoint the acute problem. Whenever your website faces these problems, it gets slow, and it can cost you more. Here you will need the help of Sitecore Support Service.  

Sitecore Support

Types of Sitecore service 

The Sitecore support is available in two forms- standard support and Premium support for 24×7 hours. These support services deliver an enhanced level of awareness and help slow down within a few days. Only experts and skilled personnel are available to provide the best service. Customers also can get the best support from certified and trained developers to get the best solution.  

Sitecore also offers several support services for self-help and also accessing trained services from professionals. The experts will offer the best services in the following areas 

  • Training 
  • Technical consulting 
  • Business optimization  

Aims of Sitecore support 

The Sitecore support aims to give the best support to the customers. Here you will get the details below. 

  • The professional will help to minimize the disturbance to the business. It enables the management of the company more productive.  
  • The trained professionals deliver a clear and effective system so every issue can get tracked and reported. 
  • The professionals here support the best service in tracing the problems and help in making proper improvement analyses.  
  • Customers will get transparency in service and an excellent information-sharing process.  
  • The professionals help in necessary knowledge transfer between the Sitecore users so that the cost can get reduced.  

What includes in the support service? 

Every business that wants the best Sitecore support must understand what includes in the support service.  

  • They offer 24×7 Sitecore support  
  • The professional team is always available for the customers over the phone and by mail 
  • Experts provide advanced support in bug fixing of Sitecore.  
  • The group conducts proactive monitoring and proper maintenance of the Sitecore issues 
  • Customers will get regular consultancy on every problem.  

Know different support areas of Sitecore 

Sitecore support offers customers advanced support in the following areas.  

  1. Sitecore Development Support 

The certified and trained Sitecore developers are able to develop and deliver standard or conventional explanations on Sitecore to resolve any issues in a business organization. The experts also offer necessary consultation and support plans to fix the Sitecore-related problems. With the help of professional support, you can make ongoing Sitecore improvements for the Sitecore sites of your business. The areas where the professionals pay attention are- 

  • Sitecore Custom Growth and Improvements 
  • Development of Sitecore Custom Module  
  • Modification in Creative Design, Sitecore Theme, and UI or UX, HTML or CSS. 
  • Updating of content and good publishing of these contents.  
  • Troubleshooting, Fixing of Bug and Quality Assurance 
  • Deployment and Cloud Hosting 
  • Offering training, support, and authoring Sitecore Content 
  1. Maintenance and Support Services 

The Sitecore training professionals proactively help keep the Sitecore platforms of a business organization updated and adequately optimized. The team also holds the Sitecore sites secured through advanced site upkeep strategies. The support services of the skilled Sitecore teams are prudently intended to meet critical requirements of the Sitecore sites proactively. The areas where the professionals mainly pay attention are:- 

Enhancing hands-on security measures for every Sitecore site.  

Necessary patches and updates of new versions.  

Checking of site’s health at regular intervals and evaluate the Sitecore Site.

Conducting reliable security audit for every Sitecore website.

Monitoring the performance of Sitecore platforms.

Monitoring the necessary website updates.

Back-up of Sitecore sites and conducting necessary disaster retrieval.

Renewal and proper monitoring of SSL.

The team offers 24X7 emergency maintenance.

C) Sitecore SEO Services

The development team offers advanced and proactive Sitecore SEO service with the help of advanced support strategies. With the help of skilled experts, the customer can implement, expand, and continue decent SEO practices for every Sitecore site in the business organization. The SEO services offered by the advanced team are created to improve the organic and on-page SEO profile of the website. The areas where the customers will get the best support are mentioned below.  

  • The team conduct the necessary SEO Audit and implement advanced practices 
  • The experts implement On-page SEO 
  • The trained professionals carry on the advanced Search Engine Optimization process. 
  • The team have on competitive research and set the benchmark 
  • Experts conduct proper tracking of GA, GTM, and GSC setup  
  • Customers will get the best support in the setting of goals, timely monitoring, and analytics. 
  1. Sitecore Application Security 

Every business with a website must implement adequate web application security, and here the professional team will assist the best. Implementation of necessary web application security has become very significant for maintaining overall business endurance and achievement. The trained team will defend the Sitecore application of your business and websites with the help of unconventional application security opportunities and their advanced Sitecore Support services. The areas where the skilled experts mainly offer their services are mentioned below.  

  • Customers will get the best Sitecore Protected Coding  
  • The experts will offer SAST or advanced Sitecore Source Code Analysis 
  • Experts offer demand Vulnerability Analysis and Penetration Testing 
  • Customers will also get advanced support in Cloud WAF Deployment and Management or Web Application Firewall.  
  1.  24/7 Emergency Support 

Once the business website slows down, it can result in terrific harm to the business and its reliability. Hence, every business websites need to be monitored regularly by experts. The Sitecore support team offers a wide range of support to the customers 24×7 hours. Customers will get the following assistance from the professionals.  

  • The experts offer to monitor the site’s uptime 
  • They observe the performance of the site  
  • They provide advanced support taking care of transactions for 24 x4 hours 
  • The professionals also offer the renewal of SSL and monitoring it. 

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