What Is Meant By Erectile Dysfunction?

Erectile Dysfunction is known to occur when a man is unable to get his erection at the time of sex or in some cases is not able to sustain his erection for long enough to have satisfactory sexual intercourse with his partner. The other name of this sexual intercourse is also referred to as impotence and has no limit as such. This drug is very common in men who are older than 75 years of age. 

What Is Meant By Erectile Dysfunction

Can Erectile Dysfunction Occur Only In Old Age?

It is not necessary for Erectile Dysfunction to occur only in the old age of a person. As a person gets older, more stimulations are required for him to get a proper erection. Facing something like this is very common. Some people need more time to get an erection and as a person grows old he should be able to enjoy sex as much as a younger person does. 

Different Symptoms of Erectile Dysfunction

One of the major symptoms of Erectile Dysfunction includes not being able to have an erection in order to have sex. When a man is not able to get his erection as a whole that is when a man knows that he is suffering from Erectile Dysfunction. On the other hand, if a man gets an erection and is not able to sustain his erection for a longer period time. In that case, we can again say that a man has Erectile Dysfunction.

What are the different causes of Erectile Dysfunction?

There are multiple reasons why Erectile Dysfunction is caused by a man. These reasons are listed below:

  1. Diabetes
  2. Stress
  3. Anxiety
  4. Depression
  5. Hypertension
  6. Fatigue
  7. Injury in the spinal cord
  8. Use of Alcohol or Tobacco
  9. Use of antidepressants
  10. Multiple Sclerosis
  11. Radiation therapy
  12. Stroke
  13. Surgery in the bladder

For people who are not able to keep their blood sugar level under control have more probability of getting an Erectile dysfunction. One must follow the prescription of the doctor strictly. 

Having an unbalanced hormone can also cause Erectile Dysfunction in a person. This is oft6en detected only after all kinds of suitable tests are done on a person.

Some drugs can cause Erectile Dysfunction. In such cases, a doctor can prescribe an alternate drug or simply take you off that medicine in the first place. 

Lifestyle habits such as drinking too much alcohol, smoking, using drugs can also cause Erectile Dysfunction in a man.

Relationship problems including sexual problems become one more reason for people to have Erectile Dysfunction. Improving a relationship, in this case, can help a person in improving their sex life. There are different therapies that are available just in case someone needs help.

Couples can always come up with different ways of showing their affection. This helps in reducing anxiety which is usually there at the time of forming an erection.

Different feelings that can lead to Erectile Dysfunction in a man are as follows:

  1. Feeling of nervousness at the time of sex, this can be because of the previous bad experience of sex.
  2. Feeling stress because of work or any family time situations.
  3. Feeling troubled because of the problem in your relationship with your sex partner
  4. Feeling extremely self-conscious
  5. Feeling of depression
  6. Thinking too much while your partner is having sex

How can people Diagnose their Erectile Dysfunction?

It is very easy to get Erectile Dysfunction diagnosed. There are people who are too scared to get it diagnosed on their own. In such cases, one can simply talk to a doctor. A doctor can then help a patient in diagnosing whether ED is caused because of any prevailing health condition. This is usually done by asking a lot of questions. In some cases, a physical examination is also done which are confirmed only after some blood tests are done on a person. There are many other tests that can be recommended by a doctor from time to time.

How can one prevent having Erectile Dysfunction in the first place?

There are many causes of the medical condition Erectile Dysfunction. Depending on the cause, one can tell whether ED can be prevented or not. Some of the factors that can help people in preventing ED are listed below:

  1. One must stop drinking too much alcohol
  2. Stop using drugs
  3. Stop smoking
  4. Check for the side effects of different drugs to see if Erectile Dysfunction is one of them.
  5. Have your blood sugar level checked and under control
  6. Check your blood pressure
  7. Do not stress over small things

Treatment of Erectile Dysfunction

The way ED is treated depends primarily on what I causing it. Doctors after checking the actual cause of the condition can suggest the treatment for the same. There is a medicine called Sildenafil Citrate which is a generic name of the drug Viagra used to treat this condition. There is another drug called Tadalafil with a brand name Cialis. All these drugs are used to cure ED and are oral medicines that help people in maintaining their erection. 

How should I take Drugs that are used to cure Erectile Dysfunction?

One should always follow the doctor’s instructions before consuming this drug. A man usually starts with taking a tablet an hour before starting any sexual activity. The drug Sildenafil Citrate works in the system for about 4 to 8 hours while as Vardenafil stays into the system for about 8 hours. One must not take more than one tablet in a day as it is more than what is usually recommended by a doctor and can cause an overdose. These drugs come in tablets of different dosage and can vary from 2.5 mg, 5 mg, 10 mg to 20 mg. 

These drugs after being consumed require a person to be sexually stimulated. This helps in forming an erection in a man. There are instances where the first dose taken by a man won’t be that effective. In such cases, it is best to change the strength of the tablet or consult the doctor. Sildenafil is to be taken one hour before engaging in any sexual activity and its effects usually last for up to 4-6 hours. Suhagra 100 for ED Treatment wildly popular generic Viagra brand in the USA, UK other  brands also people are using like Kamagra, fildena, suhagra, malegra, etc.

Side Effect of ED medicines?

The side effect of almost all the ED medicines is the same. Following are the side effects that can be caused by both Vardenafil and Sildenafil. They are listed as under:

  1. It causes headache
  2. Flushing of the skin
  3. Causes upset stomach
  4. Change in the vision of a person
  5. Runny Nose

The side effects of the drug Tadalafil are the same except that there is no flushing of the face. Tadalafil can, however, cause side effects that include pain in the muscles, pain in the back, etc. Headache is one of the most side effects of this drug. One must talk to the doctor after encountering any of the side effects faced by the person.

There are cases where the erection lasts for more than 4 hours. Under such circumstances, it is best to consult a doctor as soon as possible as it can cause a permanent loss in the erection of a man and cause impotence which may not be treatable. Vidalista 20mg(Tadanafil). Generic Villa is a trusted place to buy Medicine for Erectile dysfunction treatment.

How many people can use ED medications for their Erection?

Everyone who suffers from ED can take this medicine except for people who take medicines that contain Nitroglycerin or nitrates. Taking ED drugs along with these medicines can cause an overdose of nitrates which can turn very fatal. People with heart problems should also try to stay away from this drug as there are many side effects associated with this drug that can affect people in a very bad way.

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