What to Eat After Dental Implants Procedure?

The dental implant procedure is an invasive surgery in your mouth. Any surgery is a stress for the human body that requires a certain recovery period to overcome it. It’s a great strain for your body to heal all the damaged tissues, grow new ones and fuse a foreign object as its natural body part. Our body needs our help and support to go through this. We can help it by avoiding certain extra activities that may waste the body’s resources and add to the strain it has to go through.

What to Eat After Dental Implants Procedure?

When you have your dental implants installed, you should avoid hard physical work, training, overheating or overcooling. All these activities exhaust your body which is already struggling with the stress of healing wounds and growing necessary tissues for the implant’s successful fusion. Following these rules is necessary for proper recovery after any surgery.

The fact that an implant is in your mouth adds a bunch of additional precautions about the food that you can consume. To recover successfully after a dental implants procedure, you need to eat according to a special diet. Why is it so important? Let’s find out!

Post-Implant Diet

Improper food can cause hemorrhage and reduce the ability of your body to heal the wound. Below are the criteria for proper eating during the recovery period after the dental implant procedure.


For this, the temperature of the food you eat is crucial. Too hot or cold food increases the blood flow in your mouth and may cause hemorrhage. This is why your food should be reasonably warm or lukewarm. This concerns both food and drink as well.


Your food shouldn’t be hard because this means strain over jaws that they aren’t ready to handle yet. It can also damage the tender gum tissue, tear the stitches or contaminate a fresh wound. Your food should be mashed or blended. 


Perhaps the first thing that will come to your mind will be oatmeal. But food with sticky and gooey texture is also a bad idea. Sticky food contaminates your mouth more than any other type. It should be liquid, without big and hard particles. If there are any, blend everything one more time.

No spices and salt

Salt and spices are tasty to us because they irritate our taste receptors. But they also do it with blood vessels in our mouth. It causes increased blood flow in the wound area which is dangerous for its proper healing. Your food won’t be as tasty but you will be able to bring back spices into your life earlier if you tolerate this.

Prefer fish to meat

Meat can be too rough for your tender postop gums. Choose fish instead. It should be boiled to become soft enough and have no bones. In addition, fatty fish has a bunch of useful components that will help your body heal the wound faster.

No coffee and alcohol

These drinks widen the blood vessels and increase the blood flow which, as you already know, is unwanted. Make yourself some green tea but it shouldn’t be very strong. Warm water is the best drink for you now. 

If you follow all these rules, your dental implant will heal and fuse faster. Get well soon!

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