Why is BigCommerce the Best Headless Commerce Solution?

Why is BigCommerce the Best Headless Commerce Solution?

With the evolution of the eCommerce industry, headless architecture has become a popular concept. But the real question is, which is the best headless commerce solution? With 45k live stores, BigCommerce is the leading platform. However, since it is a complex platform, getting assistance from a professional BigCommerce development company can help. They will have a team of expert professionals to build a custom store for your business. 

Providing the freedom to optimize product content in the backend and integrating any preferred frontend stack connected with APIs, headless BigCommerce enables businesses to provide a streamlined shopping experience. Furthermore, the article below will briefly discuss the platform and what features make it one of the best headless commerce solutions.

An Overview of Headless BigCommerce

Whenever headless commerce is discussed, BigCommerce headless commerce remains a comprehensive and adaptable solution. The reason? It provides an intuitive setup environment and backend support for optimizing products, orders, and customer relationships, allowing businesses to focus on growth rather than dealing with technical complexities. 

Features of Leveraging Headless Commerce with BigCommerce

API-First Approach

BigCommerce adopts an API-first approach and provides fully customizable APIs, allowing the experts of a BigCommerce development company to access and manipulate data effortlessly. This ensures smooth communication between the frontend and backend systems, facilitating a seamless headless commerce experience.


One of the major features of BigCommerce is that it offers scalability. Your BigCommerce store can upscale simultaneously as your business grows and handles the heavy traffic scenarios without a hitch. As the volume of transactions and data increases, the platform can effortlessly handle the load, ensuring consistent performance and user satisfaction.

Multi-Storefront Capabilities

This platform offers multi-storefront capabilities for businesses with multiple product facets, ensuring you can build various storefronts, each catering to different product verticals you offer. This will allow you to reach different target audiences across different geographical regions, maintained from a single interface. 

Creating Fast-Loading Websites

A study by Google states that the bounce rates increase dramatically with every couple of seconds added to the page load time. It allows the development firm offering BigCommerce development services to build a blazing-fast website with faster loading times. In the BigCommerce headless solutions,  the product content is optimized in a single centralized dashboard and delivered via APIs. This method allows for much faster delivery than traditional ecommerce platforms.

Omnichannel Selling

In traditional commerce, businesses only sell offline, limiting their brand reach. By utilizing the capabilities of headless commerce with BigCommerce, you can sell your products everywhere and reach the right shoppers at the right place to ensure digital growth in the long run.

Robust Performance

BigCommerce’s infrastructure is optimized for high performance, ensuring that headless commerce setups benefit from fast loading times and responsiveness. This is crucial for providing a superior user experience across various devices. also, read blog Why Choose BigCommerce For eCommerce Website Development

Unified Content Management

In a headless architecture, content management plays a significant role. Hence, 

BigCommerce offers tools for efficiently managing content and integrates seamlessly with multiple Content Management Systems (CMS), ensuring a consistent content delivery across different touchpoints.

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The eCommerce industry is set to grow further with the transformative concept of headless commerce. BigCommerce is one of the most preferred headless commerce solutions, allowing businesses to build a robust online store. It offers many features and capabilities to ensure the extended functionality of your eCommerce store. Be it multi-storefront capability and scalable architecture or omnichannel selling and wholesale channel management, the platform supports each e-commerce operation efficiently. So, are you looking to build a headless commerce store? Then, partner with a reliable BigCommerce development company that can build a custom store considering your specific needs.

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