Why is Solar Power A Popular Choice

As the price of solar power systems has come down, more and more people are considering them as a viable home energy source. Environmentalists have long touted the benefits of switching to renewable power, but those aren’t the only reasons solar power is popular. If you are thinking of making the switch to solar, you should understand the full range of benefits it could bring. 

Solar Power

It Is an Environmentally-Conscious Choice

As energy demands increase alongside environmental concerns, people are looking to cleaner and renewable methods of power generation to meet those needs. A recent survey found that nearly all Americans asked favored using solar as a clean source of power for the nation as opposed to increasing fossil fuel use.  

Unlike power produced by many other means, solar power is completely renewable. Although the sun is middle-aged at about 4.5 billion years old, which means it is still projected to shine for more than four billion more years. Which, you have to admit, is a pretty long time. And when you use solar panels to harvest power from the sun, you don’t affect its strength or output. 

This is in pretty stark contrast to burning fossil fuels. Formed over millions of years, these are a finite resource that could be depleted within several generations. 

Oil, coal, and natural gas make up the largest bulk of energy production around the world today. They also produce about three-fourths of the world’s carbon emissions annually. Solar power, on the other hand, produces no carbon emissions. It is an incredibly clean source of energy, which makes it very attractive to environmentally-conscious home and business owners. 

You’ll See Lower Utility Bills

For some budget-conscious homeowners, this is the leading reason behind embracing solar energy. They can help reduce your utility bills, depending on your energy usage and where you live. If your home is in a location with high electricity rates, you will generally see cost savings sooner than someone in a lower-cost state. Available tax incentives and rebates make upfront costs more affordable, which can mean less time to pay back the initial cost of your system. 

Your energy bills aren’t the only place you could benefit financially from solar power. In many places, a well-designed system can increase your home’s value by a substantial amount. They may also help you sell your home faster. 

A high-quality solar power system will also require very little maintenance once it is installed, so you’ll save on those costs as well. 

Solar Provides a Dependable Power Source

When you need to have the power on, no matter what the public utility is doing, solar can help. That makes it a popular option for people who need electric-powered medical equipment and businesses that can’t afford to be shut down.

For those of you living in areas subject to storms or mandatory blackouts, this is a very attractive feature. Be aware that, at least for now, you will need to have backup batteries installed. They will allow you to store power generated during the day for use at night. 

Not only is it dependable, but new technology is more efficient at harvesting power from the sun. Researchers are even working on solar cells that can provide power during nighttime hours. This would completely revolutionize the solar industry and open the door to more business and industrial use of the technology.

It Can Reach Remote Areas

For people looking to embrace rural living, solar may be the only realistic option for powering their homes. If your property is located far from the main power line, the costs of extending lines to your home could be incredibly high. You can add panels to a structure or ground-mounted array in almost any area, so they can generate electricity where traditional transmission lines won’t reach. 

The reasons you ultimately decide to embrace solar power for your home or business will be personal. Knowing why solar has become embraced as a viable and popular means of generating clean energy can help you make an informed decision about how best to meet your own energy needs. 

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