Why Might I Need to Invest in a Remedy for Dark spots?

You may or may not think that exposure to the sun is the only reason behind the need to buy a remedy for dark spots from your dermatologist or drug store. However, if you do think that, unfortunately, you’d be wrong. That’s exactly what we’ll be covering in this blog as we analyze the various things that cause dark spots to appear.

In truth, hyperpigmentation as it’s otherwise known can be unsightly and make your skin look older, so if you want to resolve that, you need to treat it. The good news is that in terms of choice, you’ll not be short of it, as there are 1,001 brands on the market to help you deal with the problem.

However, seeking out a remedy for dark spots and finding the right one is a subject for another time and another blog. In this one we look at – as promised – the reasons why dark spots occur. So, if you’re sitting comfortably, we’ll begin.

Reason 1 – Damage from Sun Exposure

Ok, so this is the primary reason why sun spots, dark spots and other dark areas might appear on your skin as the extra melanin that UVA and UVB rays cause has to go somewhere. Also referred to as liver spots or solar lentigines, they tend to appear on the areas that get the most sun – so your face, your arms and on the back of your hands. 

Reason 2 – Changes In Your Hormone Levels

The next reason that might cause you to reach for dark spot treatment is the fluctuation of hormone levels in the body. What’s known in the dermatological sphere as melasma can occur when hormones change, which is why it’s far more common in women and in particular, women who are pregnant. 

Reason 3 – Side Effects from Medication

A remedy for dark spots might also be called for if you take a particular type of medication that your constitution doesn’t quite agree with. Typically speaking, we’re talking about psychotropic drugs, tetracyclines and NSAIDs (non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs) which are typically used to reduce pain and infection symptoms. 

Reason 4 – Skin Damage or Irritation

Another common reason why dark spots occur is after your skin has become irritated or damaged. Irritation can happen for many reasons which include but are not limited to skin issues like acne, psoriasis and eczema. When this type of issue repairs itself or a wound has healed, dark spots can result.

We could be talking about something as benign as a reaction to cosmetics or a bug bite, but both can cause darkness to appear.

Reason 5 – Diabetes

The last item on our brief list is diabetes – something that over 400 million live with around the world. The condition can be controlled, but it does often result in certain areas of the body looking darker and other problems like diabetic dermopathy can also contribute to an increased darkening of the skin, but as with all other issues mentioned – it can be treated.

Use a Remedy for Dark Spots for Relief

Dark spots bother some more than others, but that doesn’t mean that you have to suffer unnecessarily as the remedies that exist are gentle and effective.

Depending on the area concerned and the severity of the darkness, it can take 6 months or even more to completely remove them. That said, all it takes is persistence and regular application of a remedy for dark spots and you’ll slowly see them fade away and then ultimately disappear completely. 

What really helps also is if you prevent any further damage from happening – if you can – by ensuring that you always wear a good quality mineral sunscreen when going outside. Whilst we’ve covered a number of different causes, sun damage is still the main one. 

That’s it from us this time. We’ll see you again next time. 


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