Why More People Want Fermented Skin Care

Fermented skin care products have been getting the buzz due to its acclaimed skincare benefits. Fermented foods have long been prized throughout various cultures for their health benefits and accessibility during scarce food seasons. What is it with fermented skin care products like Etude House, though, that makes it popular among beauty aficionados? Here a guide on the benefits and what to look for in fermented skin care products:

Fermented Skin Care

What is Fermentation

Fermentation is a process where bacterial cultures are added to foods or food preparation is allowed to sit for a certain time period that gives its characteristic sour taste and strong odor. Fermentation is used for many purposes. For example, yeast is added to grape juice to make wine, bacteria are added to fruit tonics to convert it into vinegar, and active cultures are added to milk to make it into yogurt.

Fermentation is also used to preserve foods and extend its shelf life naturally. For example, kimchi, traditional Korean food made of napa cabbages preserved with chili powder, was designed as a food stock during long cold winters. Sauerkraut also evolved from similar conditions; it served as a quick nutritious go-to during long trips and cold winters for the Germanic peoples.

Benefits of fermented foods

  • Increase nutrient absorption. Bacteria in fermented food products help break down food nutrients into more bio-available or easily absorbable forms. For example, even though a vegetable has a high nutrient profile, tough plant fibers called cellulose to enclose a vegetable’s nutrient content and thus cannot be effectively absorbed and used by the body. Fermenting probiotics, however, break down food substances to release its vitamin and mineral content, and convert it into more bio-available forms immediately usable by your body.

  • Neutralize toxins. Probiotics also neutralize toxic substances like pesticide residues and preservatives in your food.

  • Create new enzymes. The fermentation process also creates new substances like enzymes that work synergistically to facilitate digestion. Efficient digestion is important for good health because properly digesting and assimilating your food unlocks its nutrient content and provide nourishment for your body.

  • Prevent leaky gut and skin allergies. Inefficient digestion leads to leaky gut, a very common condition where improperly digested food enters the bloodstream and cause your body to react against it, and hence cause symptoms like skin allergies and acne. By breaking down food for you, beneficial bacteria lead to better digestion and better overall health.

Fermented skin care products

It is no wonder why fermented foods are so widely touted across various cultures throughout the centuries because of its impressive health benefits. However, fermented skin care products are only a recent introduction that has been making headlines lately. Are fermented skin care products effective? Here’s the science to explain everything you need to know about them.

The Science of Fermented Skin Care

Here are some of the benefits of fermented skincare products backed by science:

  • Better nutrient absorption for your skin. The skin absorbs smaller-sized nutrients more easily. Probiotics in fermented products help break nutrients down to smaller-sized particles, thus making them easier absorbed by the skin. However, nutrients aren’t broken down until where they become inactive, and hence these smaller-sized nutrients particles are still highly effective and easily absorbable.

  • Creates new beneficial actives. The fermentation process in skin care products creates new substances such as amino acids, alpha hydroxy acids, and enzymes beneficial for the skin. Soy, for example, naturally contains important glycosides daidzein and genistein, which has been shown to boost hyaluronic production. Hyaluronic acid is a naturally occurring substance in your skin that helps prevent skin sagging and wrinkles. Bifidobacterium in fermented soy converts these glycosides into more active forms by breaking down the sugars that lock these nutrients, and thus fermented soy extracts work more efficiently than regular soy extract.

  • Lessen irritation. Probiotics in fermented skin care products also neutralize toxins may be irritants to the skin. In a study conducted by the Journal of Medicinal Food (2012), researchers discovered that red ginseng extract when fermented had stronger whitening and anti-wrinkle effects on the skin, and with less irritation compared to red ginseng extract that’s not fermented. This is good news for people with sensitive skin who may react to active ingredients found in many skin care products.

Fermented skin care products are very promising. Many studies have shown that fermented skin care products have better nutrient absorption rates, facilitate skin rejuvenation, and have less irritation compared to skin care products with non-fermented active ingredients. However, not everyone may be well-suited to fermented skin care products and it’s always advised to consult with a dermatologist first before using these products.

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