Why should I consider contract or temporary employment

temporary or contract employment

Temporary employees are either hired directly by the company or hired from a temp staffing agency. If the agency provides temporary employees, the employer pays free above and above the compensation collected by the employee.

contract or temporary employment

I wanted to post an article about a topic that’s pretty similar to some of the other things we’ve been talking about the last few weeks and this is contractor temporary work and basically I get this question a lot from people who are in the job search they often ask me why in the heck what I want to work a contract job you know I don’t want that I want the stability of a full time position people are very puzzled as to why people would work for you know short amount of time or at least a finite amount of time and basically. You know I’d like to say that there.

Population of people

Our Populations of people that this type of work would really work well win and perhaps you fall into this category these categories I should say since there are few that should consider contract work as options and first and foremost you know contract work is available.

Number of employers are looking for Help

At particular times of the year that’s often referred to as seasonal work so number of employers are looking for help you know during their peak times of the year it could be anything from working outside at an amusement park or indoors and in office covering you know leave of absence that might span a few months or even just a vacation or 2 over at the a couple of weeks so it does vary.

Summertime is popular time

But generally speaking the summertime is a very popular time where companies have an additional need for extra people to help out so if you’re in the market for positions you know in addition to your regular 9 to 5 contract work could be an option for you it is very much a case where there is a lot of temporary or contract work it is offered at alternative work hours and work days so you know overnight shifter on the weekends or you know the third shift whatever the case might be so you might want to look into this also if you’re a student home for the summer and you need a job certainly contract work could be for you there’s plenty of. Excellent the office positions research positions that are open for a specific amount of time that you could have exposure to engage in a really good experience this is especially true for those who fall into the foreign student category.

Contract Temporary

As I discussed last week if you’re graduating you know and you’re wondering you know what what to do when you want to stay in the the state to gain work experience contractor temporary work is really for you it’s something to look at it is for a specific amount of time that would be covered by an F. one O. P. T. in many cases so it’s certainly an Avenue that I like to encourage the people they are looking for work I would love to know you know if you have any experiences working contract or temporary work.


I know that usually people also like to look at these this kind of employment if they’re looking to switch field if they want to gain more experience in a particular industry or job even if it’s just for a few weeks or a few months of the positions are often a good way in the door to full time or permanent employment and also through its just a good way to see if you want to work there or not to test them out just as much as they’re testing you out so I would like to hear these stories and certainly your feedback but until then I hope you all have a great rest of your week and we’ll talk soon okay thanks guys.

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