6 apps that let you streamline your work

Ten years ago, no one would have thought that people will be performing critical business operations on a mere six-inch screen. Indeed, how technology has evolved over the years is highly impressive. It is penetrating all sectors of life. It maximizes productivity and helps execute tasks with greater ease.

6 apps that let you streamline your work

However, one must steer clear of the drawbacks that tag along to make the most out of it. Technology comes with a load of distractions that can steal away all the time you save. Also, sometimes, finding the right technologies to execute tasks may be quite exhausting. 

A recent Gartner survey reveals that using the right technologies is the most significant growth barrier for 36 percent of small and medium scale businesses. It’s not only due to the lack of access that people are not finding the right technologies. Limited knowledge and adherence to conventional ideas is also a reason.

All of these facts compel us to look for the right digital tools — for instance, mobile applications. There are a plethora of apps available nowadays. Each, having different functionality. To make things simpler and get better at organizing, you must know which apps will work in your favor. 

Countless apps will help you streamline your tasks and perform them with exceptional brilliance. But you must research and dive deep into digital marketplaces to spot the viable ones for your work.

Below, we have pulled together a list of six apps that will help you streamline your work:

  1. Basecamp

Basecamp is a real-time communication tool that enables the entire team to stay on the same page. It is project management software that helps to clarify the workflow for all stakeholders.

You can create a board for each business function. On that board, you can list down the tasks that the team must work through. This way, employees get a better picture of all the things they need to do and the allotted deadlines. Employers, on the other hand, can track each task. They can easily jump in to help the team members when they spot an issue. 

You can also check out The Top 8 Project Management Apps 2019 to spot a task planning software that works for you.

2. Upkeep

Upkeep is a group collaboration and productivity-boosting application. It provides core maintenance functionality to manage work orders. The app keeps a tab on every order and sorts them according to their priority. The developers state that so far, there are 11, 000 businesses who trust Upkeep to manage their workflow.

It also has an integrated chat option. This is where the managers and the employees can interact in real-time. They can discuss how to perform the tasks and if there is a need for any last-minute changes.

3. Slack

Slack is a communication software that has received plenty of praise in the market. That’s because of its user-friendly interface and design. Anyone can use it without any specialized training. 

Through this app, you can now have instant conversations with your team. There is no need to rely on emails. Additionally, Slack can also sync with other applications like Dropbox. Not only text, but you can also share files and have video conferences through this app.

Similarly, the AirG chat app is also a good communication tool. The fact that it supports 1000+ mobile devices makes it all the more appealing for large work teams. However, we recommend that you check out AirG reviews and customer feedback to make an informed decision.

4. Buffer

Whether you are a small business entrepreneur or the owner of a large venture, you must stay active on social media. This often means being live on multiple social channels. It helps you reach a greater audience. Yet, it’s not that simple. There is always a chance of making errors as you have to handle other business operations too.

Buffer is an app that automates this entire process. It enables you to plan out your social media activity in advance. This can extend to weeks, days, months, and even a year. You will still require fresh content periodically. And the app will handle all the operational social media work.

5. Wunderlust

Wunderlust is a to-do list application. It has proven to be a powerful productivity tool. Microsoft bought this app in 2015. Due to its exemplary user interface and design, The Verge named it as the best to-do list app of the year 2017. Apple also names it as App of The Year.

Essentially, this app enables you to create a to-do list. You can share this list with your friends, family, and coworkers. Adding and checking off the tasks in this app is easy. You can also add sub-tasks underneath where needed. Plus, you can also add a due date with each task and send notifications for the pending tasks.

6. Zoho

Zoho is a great place to get a full overview of your sales cycles and trends. It is a CRM software that helps you to engage with customers and leads. You can get insights about your business, and build a scalable sales procedure. This app also has the feature of syncing with other applications.

This app allows having a solid connection with the customers through a multi-channel approach. You can receive real-time notifications when the customer interacts with you. The best part about this app is that you can customize the CRM interface to meet the specific requirements of your business.

Closing Thoughts

Spending a few seconds installing an app can save you lots of hours in the future. And while the apps take care of the menial tasks, you can take care of more substantial issues. Hence having an app can streamline the work. The only key is to figure out which app suits your venture.

We hope this list helped you get a peek at the kinds of the app available in the market. You can download one or more of these apps. Or you can research the market to find more suitable ones.

If you are already using such an app or know about one, let us know.

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