About Us

About us

Imran Farooqi started The World Beast in the ongoing cyber age which has in fact changed the world into a global village as envisaged by the past media anchors.

Taking cognizance of the idea of one world-many voices, our website has a noble mission to provide timely information regarding reports, news and there in-depth analysis, relating to any field. For the purpose, a team of hardworking and efficient professional news editors, sub-editors, reporters and writers are working to publish news, articles and blogs with accuracy and comprehensiveness.

In this context, stories and topics of the articles are selected with much caution to avoid unilateral propaganda, and biased reporting, as we show both sides of the coin by publishing articles and news impartiality, which appeal to the larger readership.

Our dedicated team takes reported news, events and developments, organizes them by location, time and category. Then, it creates context by bringing together relevant news stories, articles, blogs, images and videos. Hence, it becomes a platform for the global community to share and discuss the text item through comments.

While updating new developments in the world, strenuous efforts are being made to cover every important event and interesting news story. The site provides the international community with the ability to grasp latest events and developments in accordance with their interest and category like entertainment.

Although our website is based on facts and material of the articles which are logically justified, yet we invite comments for its further improvement, which will be highly encouraged. Any person can send suggestions, news items, blogs and articles, and can share his sentiments to current news events and issues, providing this website a connection to publish each other’s perspectives and point of views.

Contact us for any questions: [email protected]