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Undoubtedly, by bringing the ferocious battles of the rulers and politicians in our bedrooms, TWB media has been serving the interests of the humanity at large. But, it is misfortune that information is being suppressed through partial coverage and disinformation is being spread by the mainstream media in accordance with the interests of the corrupt governments, politicians and multinational corporations which have changed the world into a corporate industry. Truth-tellers have little coverage.

We provide in depth-analysis, mentioning ground realities, relating to any event, development and incident impartially. Our dedicated team investigates any news item or article before publishing on this website. Without any prejudice, the stands of both sides are mentioned. Articles and blogs of the opponent-writers are also freely published.

Despite the threats, we are showing the real and hidden face of the entities which write one-sided story. In order to maintain impartial approach, we do not accept secret funding of the partial propagandists and corporate industrialists.

Working with our meager financial resources, it is becoming much difficult for us to continue this website whose writers, scholars and investigative journalists are engaged in telling truth to the readers by drawing the true picture of ground realities—what is actually happening in the world.

Therefore, you are requested to donate us, so that, we continue this website.

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