Which Are the Major Pool Supplies Trends to Look For?

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With summer just around the corner and pool season getting nearer, it’s time to consider trends in swimming pool supplies for the current year. From smart devices to energy-saving equipment, the world of swimming pool supplies is reshaping itself every moment.

This time, we will be focusing on the emerging trends in pool design and maintenance that are changing the way we use and care for our pools.

Smart Pool Technology

The smart technology pool devices have been especially popular in the recent years. Smart pool technologies enable pool owners to supervise and manage their pool maintenance through their smartphone or tablet, regardless of the place they are.

The pool cleaning robots that use sensors and algorithms to move around and clean up the pool efficiently are gaining popularity among consumers’ products.

In addition to this, smart pool monitors can detect any water quality or temperature issues and alert owners of any problems that require attention.

Energy-Efficient Pool Equipment

The use of energy-efficient pool equipment is also a trend that is currently gaining popularity. The trend of looking for sustainability when it comes to pools is making owners seek ways to cut their energy use.

Examples of energy saving products are energy-efficient pool pumps, heaters, and LED lighting, and they all contribute to the reduction of energy consumption, which helps to cut down on utility bills. These things do not only support the health of the environment but also money.

Saltwater Pool Systems

Around the globe, the number of saltwater pools is increasing, and this trend shows no indication of waning. Saltwater pools provide a more natural way to swim, with water that is softer and gentler to the skin and eyes. They have the advantage of being less demanding than chlorine pools in this aspect as well.

As the awareness of the benefits of these pools increases, more people will prefer to use saltwater systems, and hence, the demand for these systems is likely to keep rising.

Automatic Pool Covers

Automatic pool covers are another trend that has become popular among pool owners in Canada. These covers are very convenient and safe since they automatically cover the pool when it is not being used.

This, in turn, reduces evaporation and keeps away debris from the water. This pool supply also helps to maintain the pool’s temperature, reducing the need for reheating.

Automatic pool covers come in two main types: retractable and floating covers, which can be fitted to any pool shape or size.

Eco-Friendly Pool Chemicals

With the increasing number of customers being informed about the environmental effects of traditional pool chemicals, there is a growing trend towards the use of eco-friendly alternatives.

Enzyme-based cleaners, natural sanitizers and mineral systems are some of the eco-friendly pool chemicals that are getting a lot of attention. They are not only friendlier to the environment but also secure to swimmers as they are soft on the skin and eyes.

Floating speaker systems and entertainment.

Entertainment is becoming a very important factor of pool design, and now a lot of pool owners are undertaking the task of designing an outdoor space that is fun and inviting.

Such trending pool features include floating speakers, water lighting, and other entertainment components. Such products allow pool owners to improve their pool environment and make it more comfortable for themselves, their friends, and their guests.

Modular Pool Design

Modular pool design is another trend on the rise this year. Modular pools are customized for any space and can be altered to match your tastes. They provide a more affordable and flexible option instead of the standard pool constructed which allows pool owners to design the pool of their own dreams.

Outdoor Living Spaces

Outdoor living spaces are also in the spotlight as a key feature. The pool is becoming a part of the larger outdoor living space, where people can have their own kitchens, firepits and comfortable seating areas.

It breaks the boundaries of this division, thus providing a smooth transition between the two.

Remote Pool Monitoring

Remote pool monitoring systems are getting popular day by day for pool owners to monitor their pool water quality and maintenance from any place.

These systems take advantage of sensors and smart devices to provide instantaneous information on the pool’s temperature, pH levels, and the rest.

This trend indeed is the favorite of those pool owners who have no time and still want to keep their pool in the best shape.


The swimming pool supplies world is in a state of constant evolution, and new trends are coming every year. Whether you are looking for more efficient smart technology or eco-friendly chemicals in your pool, there are many ways to upgrade your pool experience.

By being updated about the most recent trends, pool owners can thus make sure that their pool remains not only attractive and fun but also efficient and sustainable.

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