10 AWS Tools You Must Know to Gain Business Profit

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Amazon web Service has offered a wide range of services that are robust, secure, reliable, and easy -to – use. These cloud tools are helpful in various operations related to database, execution process, storage, and many others. If I name the big brands that are using AWS, the top ones in the list are – BMW, Airbnb, Netflix, Met Office, Unilever and so on. You must have information on how different tools and services of AWS are useful and while using Amazon Web Service how you can utilize them to gain the maximum benefit.

Tools and services of AWS

In this post, we will be discussing all the important tools and services of AWS. All the tools mentioned here are responsive to the modern trends of the cloud industry, these are the most demanding tools of the year 2020, all of them are robust, secure and reliable.

Along with developing a robust, fault-tolerant and scalable solution on AWS, it is essential to be aware of all the tools that are required in the deployment of system and applications and also, that maintain consistency and integrity across numerous environments. These tools are most helpful in fast, persistent, and errorless deployment and also increase the chance of faster recovery and fewer failures.

1). Chef

The chef is one of the most popular and highly used deployment tools in the industry. The tool is developed in the Ruby Language. There are three main versions of Chef – hosted, private and open source.

The infrastructure of a chef is made up of three key components – Master Server, Workstations and Client Nodes. Let’s discuss each in detail.

Master Server or Chef Server acts as a Hub for all the client nodes. All the nodes are registered with this chef server and communicate with it to get the correct configuration information for applying this on itself. The server contains all configuration material like recipes & policies, and majorly supports all versions of Linux.

Workstation acts as a development machine where all the configuration stuff, such as policies, cookbooks, and recipes are defined. We use knife command to upload this configuration element on a server and it is kept in sync with chef-repo. Workstation supports all major OS – Windows, Linux, and Mac OS X.

Chef clients use Chef nodes to perform all the infrastructure automation. Chef clients use a combination of a public-private key to interact with the Master Server and they run on these nodes. Chef clients fetch all configuration element details from the server and apply them on the Chef nodes.

2). Lambda

AWS provides Lambda service that allows you to run code without the need of operating servers. Its payment scheme is good as you have to pay only for the time you use the server. You can run all software services irrespective of their types with zero knowledge of administrative operations. Just upload the code, Lambda will provide everything on demand related to smooth execution. The key benefits of using Lambda are – you don’t need to know anything about severing administrative operations to run the code, it provides all the necessary resources for effective execution of code and last but not least that you have to pay only for the time you are using it.

3). Polly

Polly is an AWS service used for the text-to-speech feature. It supports a good range of languages. To use this service, there is an API used that directly incorporates an audio file into your program code. Its payment method is also very good, you have to pay only for the words or symbols that are transcribed. You can use Polly for personal as well as commercial benefits. The key profits of using Polly are – it supports Natural Language Processing, Speech storage, voice output management, and real-time streaming.

4). Simple Storage Service (S3)

Simple Storage Service is the prime AWS service used for saving and protecting any kind of data under all situations like backup & recovery, website operations, data inquiry, etc. Simple Storage Service provides a simple as-a-pie administration tool that enables you to operate data and puts limited access or restrictions to reach legal needs. There are a few reasons to use S3 – due to the increased demand of storage this service has removed the limitation of storage resources, data is stored in numerous classes of Simple Storage Service with limitations on information access and it decides the actual cost too, S3 uses various encrypted and authorized security tools to protect the data from unwanted access, and the last major benefit of S3 is it categorizes data in different sections.

5). Athena

Athena is that part of AWS service that deals with the online query. It is used with some standard SQL tools to make the data analysis process easier on the data stored in Simple Storage Service. There is no server associated with Athena hence it is infrastructure-less service means no need for configuration operation. You can initiate the data analysis process directly. There is no requirement of uploading data on Athena as it directly works on the data stored in S3 for analysis. The key benefits of using Athena are – You don’t need to be an expert for using this service, You have to create queries using basic SQL only and, you pay for only what you utilize.

6). Lex

Lex is one of the most demanding AWS services. It provides secure and scalable software that is used to develop, publish and monitor bots. This service offers various voice recognition tools and natural language processing techniques to create a speech recognition system. There are two main requests Lex tool generates – it sends a confirmation request for a specific action, once you allow only then it is executed and, sending error-handling requests to ask a user to clarify something if the intent is not clear. By default, Lex can be integrated with Lambda to retrieve data. This data is further analyzed and updated to improve the business logic.

7). Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2)

Elastic Compute Cloud is one of the most used AWS services. It offers scalable and secure computing assets in the world of the cloud. It makes cloud computing easy across the web and thus helps developers job simple. The web interface of Elastic Compute Cloud is easy to handle hence, one can easily access computing assets and set up it without giving much effort. Also, you are allowed to take full control of all the resources. The key values that you get of using it are – you can change the computing power with EC2, you have the control on all access and features available on your machine, you can choose any operating system for adaptive cloud hosting.

8). Glacier

Glacier is a cloud storage solution. Since it is reliable, secure and affordable storage, it is used to store information for a long-term objective. In terms of cost, it is the best option as compared to local storage systems. There are three main methods of extracting information for various scenarios – Accelerated, Standard and Batch. There are a few reasons that make Glacier worth to use – Glacier provides smooth integration with AWS CloudTrail to perform the audit and monitoring processes, it is a cost-effective cloud storage system and last the most important value it provides is that there is a community of Amazon storage services that include consulting organizations, software development companies, and system integrators.

9). Internet of Things (IoT)

AWS IoT is the most popular service of AWS and it offers data service, software solutions, and operations. With the help of IoT, you can securely connect multiple devices, collect data, perform actions on this data even in the absence of the internet connection. The operating services of the Internet of Things are very useful and allow you to manage, control and secure various connected devices. Data services take benefits by using IoT data. There are a few key reasons that prove that using IoT is a worth – AWS Internet of Things Service, a Software solution for devices, connect and manage various devices, protect, manage & control command on various connected peripherals, and, data services.

10). Simple Queuing Service (SQS)

Simple Queuing Service is an operated message queuing service that helps to scale distributed systems, serverless solutions, and microservices. There is two type of message queues in SQS – Standard Queues and Limited Bandwidth FIFO SQS Queues. Standard Queue provides maximum throughput and uses the ‘’at once’’ method to deliver messages. Limited Bandwidth FIFO SQS Queue ensures that messages are processed only for one time and they are sent in order only. This is the reason SQS is considered a good AWS service.


Many big brands are using Amazon Web Service to make their businesses efficient, effective and profitable. They are gaining maximum benefit as they are aware of most services and tools provided by AWS and are much helpful in streamlining many business processes. If you have incorporated AWS into your business system, just go through all the services and tools mentioned above and gain sufficient knowledge to ripe the benefits.

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