10 Best most used video download alternatives for the YouTube

YouTube is a very popular website, which people can use to watch free movies online, TV shows, and many other types of videos. The website also has the option of downloading the movies free of cost. There are situations in which the channel may not be available.

10 Best most used video download alternatives for the YouTube

In such a case, users can go for alternatives, which have been discussed here.


Dailymotion is considered as the first alternative for YouTube. The categories of videos available on this website are the same as YouTube. Uploading HD quality videos on this website is limited because there is a limit of 4GB. Users can upload an HD video whose duration is one hour. People who want to upload educational videos can face problems because of this limit. In spite of such few issues, people still like to watch and upload videos on this website.


Vimeo is not a direct competitor of YouTube but it is a good alternative streaming video. Filmmakers can easily upload their videos without any issues. Another feature of this website is that there are fewer numbers of distracting elements in the background. One drawback is that content creators cannot upload many videos as the website has a limit of 500MB per week. If users want to increase the memory, they have to pay a small amount and the storage capacity will increase up to 5GB.


This is a website which consists of small video clips whose duration is 90 seconds. Users can stream the videos available on this website. Since the size of the videos can only be 90 seconds, users will not fins large videos on this website.


Vevo is a website for those who love to listen to music and watch music videos. The streaming capability on this website is fast in comparison to YouTube. Users can find large quantities of music videos and they can watch them with having irritating ads. One disadvantage is that the user will not find diversified videos, which can be a cause of disappointment for the users.


Twitch is a website which people like the most as it provides the feature of content uploading. Users can watch only gaming videos here. Users have the opportunity of watching live broadcasting videos and game lovers can visit the website for the same.

The Internet Archive

This website is a part of the WayBack machine and has a large number of old movies and music. Users can also watch documentaries, TV series, and many more videos.

9Gag TV

People who are frequent users of Facebook and Twitter must have seen the 9Gag brand. Users can find memes, images, GIFs, and other entertaining content on this website. There are a wide variety of videos available on this site and users will enjoy watching them.


This is a good alternative to YouTube and has millions of users. The user interface of this website is simple. There is no limit of uploading videos and users can upload videos of very are duration on this website. Users also have the option of sharing their videos on social media websites like Facebook, Twitter, and many others.


This is a website, which people can use to upload videos. In spite of having limited capacity, users can upload several small videos. The website comes with many features. Users have the option of creating a free account on this website and can upload videos whose duration is 90 seconds. This is the only disadvantage of this website. Of it is ignored, it can be considered as one of the best alternatives to YouTube.


The website contains content of various categories. It also has many videos made and uploaded by different users. The quantity of videos is low but the website owners are working to increase the collection. The low video collection is the main disadvantage, which may discourage users to view the website.

Bottom Line

These are a few websites, which are an alternative to YouTube. Although YouTube has a large collection of movies, music, and other content and if any is not available, users can navigate to the alternatives for watching their favorite videos. Most of them are available for frère while some are paid websites. In some cases, users also need to create an account to access the videos. These websites also allow uploading videos.

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