10 Cloverfield Lane spoiler: Two great movies patched into one

The movie has nothing to do with the original

10 Cloverfield Lane spoiler

Only eight weeks ago, no one even knew that there existed a movie called 10 Cloverfield Lane. About 10 years after people were astounded by the trailer of the picture Cloverfield, Bad Robot and J.J. Abrams again successfully pulled off the magic trick with the 10 Cloverfield Lane trailer.

What any 10 Cloverfield Lane review would tell you is that it is not a Cloverfield movie. Rather, it is being portrayed as a relative of the original thing. As 10 Cloverfield Lane spoiler would suggest, it was actually a normal and low budget thriller movie called ‘Valencia’.

However, Bad Robot recognized an opportunity to scoop it up and attach it with a selling brand. This is more than apparent in the film. There are two parts that simply doesn’t fit. However, both parts, in their own rights, are quite impressive.

The better part of the movie or rather the ‘Valencia’ part, follows the character of Michelle (played by Mary Elizabeth Winstead) as she wakes up from an accident to find herself locked inside a bunker.

Her companions in the bunker are Howard and Emmet (John Goodman and John Gallagher) who tell her that the outside world had been destroyed by an attack. Michelle is smart, crafty and determined and she is the one who navigates the viewers throughout the film and its characters that are constantly being unfolded.

This part of the film has been done quite well with genuine performances by all the characters involved. Goodman has once again proved that he is a force to reckon with. Dan Trachtenberg, the director, seems to have absolute control over all the aspects of the movie.

Unfortunately, the other part, or the ‘Cloverfield’ part of the movie is not that impressive. In fact, the 10 Cloverfield Lane spoiler also makes one wonder whether this part has been simply tacked to the original movie.

Once Michelle makes her way out of the bunker and confronts the monsters, the movie ceases to be the one it used to be in the beginning. It is rather a third act skillfully done by Trachtenberg.

What should be noted by the viewer is that 10 Cloverfield Lane is not a sequel of ‘Cloverfield.’ It simply has nothing to do with the original. The title is only an attempt to brand a movie and reap the benefits of a new franchise.

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