10 Entertainers To Look Out For In 2019

Are you wondering who are some of the best young stars that will amaze you in the upcoming year? Here is our list:

10 Entertainers To Look Out For In 2019

Letitia Wright

Letitia Wright is a young star that you should definitely pay attention to in the upcoming years. So far, she’s been in Black Panther and other Marvel movies where Black Panther appears as Shuri, the title character’s technologically savvy sister. She was funny and relatable and she stole many hearts with her portrayal.

She also starred in Ready Player One and in one episode of Black Mirror. Along with that, she can be an inspiration to many young people since she battled with depression and made it out to be a successful actress and a wonderful young woman.

Millie Bobby Brown

Millie Bobby Brown is probably one of the most famous actresses in the world at the moment and a name only a few people don’t know about. Since her role in Stranger Things, a popular Netflix Original TV Show, her career skyrocketed. She has a massive following on Instagram and she’s been in many talk shows, fashion shows and so much more.

Millie is definitely a young star that will follow in the footsteps of today’s greats and find her own way to amaze the audiences.

Ezra Miller

“Ezra Miller became a household name when he starred in the Perks Of Being A Wallflower, best friend to the main character. His performance was stellar and that’s where he won the hearts of the audience. Before that, he starred in We Need To Talk About Kevin when he was younger,” says Jed Harrison, a PR team manager at UK Top Writers and Boomessays.

He recently starred as Flash in Justice League movie where he brought the necessary comic relief. He also starred in the Fantastic Beasts series and his performance was memorable as well.

While he still has a long way to go to become a world-famous star, he has billions of fans across the globe and he’s definitely a great entertainer that you should pay attention to.

Daisy Ridley

Daisy Ridley is one of the best young actors at the moment. She acted in the new Star Wars trilogy and her popularity led to fans demanding more female action figures when the supply of her figures went out. She stole the hearts of many fans as she portrayed Rey in this iconic movie.

She also acted in the Murder on The Orient Express, Ophelia, and Peter Rabbit where she gave stellar performances to well-known characters.

Daisy has a great attitude and a personality of a star – look out for her in the upcoming year.

Emma Stone

Emma Stone is definitely one of the more famous stars on this list but her career just started taking off when she got the Oscars for best actress in the movie La La Land. We can only imagine what’s coming next for her in 2019.

Before her stellar performance in this movie, she acted in many different genres. She was Mary Jane in Spiderman, got an Oscar nomination for her performance in Birdman, and she also starred as an unforgettable Skeeter in The Help.

This is just a start of a bright career that will only bring us more quality movies.

Emma Watson

If you thought that Harry Potter was the best she could do, you thought wrong. Emma Watson is one of the best actresses of our age – she starred in Ballet Shoes, This is The End, Bling Ring and the most recent adaptation of Beauty and The Beast.

While she’s a stellar actress, she is also a UN Women Goodwill ambassador for gender equality, a fan of education and an inspiring woman all together. We are excited to see what’s next!

Daniel Kaluuya

Daniel made his name on the British TV show Skins and later moved on to get serious attention with starring in the TV show Black Mirror. But the most attention he got was in the recent movie Get Out where he received an Oscar Nomination for best actor.

He also had a supporting role in Black Panther.

Daniel is definitely a name to remember and someone to follow on his career path.

Saoirse Ronan

“Saoirse has picked up some of the most interesting roles in the industry, starting with her role in Lovely Bones, a teenage assassin in Hanna, a chef in The Grand Budapest Hotel and an immigrant in Brooklyn”, says Jeffrey Stone, a lifestyle blogger at Revieweal and Bestbritishessays.

But, she recently got nominated for an Oscar for her role in Lady Bird and won a Golden Globe for the same performance. She is an interesting and inspiring person as well as a great actress that has many great roles ahead of her.

Tom Holland

Fans first met Tom Holland in Captain America: Civil War. He later had a standalone movie called Spider-man: Homecoming. He is the newest actor of the iconic character and fans across the world fell in love with his performance of Peter Parker. Later he also starred in the Avengers: Infinity War.

He also has a background in musicals.

Tom Holland has more great movies coming up in the future and is definitely one of the most famous male stars at the moment.

Alex Lawther

Alex Lawther started out by acting as a younger version of Benedict Cumberbatch’s character, Alan Turing in an award-winning biopic The Imitation Game. He appeared in Black Mirror and Goodbye Christopher Robin as well.

However, his most famous appearance was in the Netflix Original TV show, End Of The F**ing World where he acts as a sociopathic teenager.

He is definitely one of the most interesting people in Hollywood right now.

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