15 Low Maintenance Indoor Plants Perfect for Gifting Your Dear Ones

One of the most cumbersome tasks is choosing the right gift for your dear ones on special occasions. Your gifts should exhibit not just your emotions but also bring a sense of comfort to the recipient. Better yet, if you find a Cherish able option that becomes a sustained reminder of your love for your dear ones. One such gift idea is planted. They are blissful, healthy, and a positive gift option, given any occasion.

If you planning to gift a plant on this Christmas or New Year, low maintenance indoor plants should be your go-to option so that it not only decks up their space but also doesn’t involve a hectic maintenance schedule and help to keep them thriving and alive. Besides, the indoor plants are the most elegant decor tool and also purify the air around them.

Low Maintenance Indoor Plants Perfect for Gifting Your Dear Ones

Here are a few of them below:

  1. Cacti

They require minimal watering. Only once every three weeks in winter and once in seven days during the summer. Keep near natural light, and they will need no more of your attention.

  • Snake Plants

Give them a source of indirect light and a sprinkle of water when the soil is fully dry and see them grow. They are simply as stunning to look as they are to maintain.

  • 3.     Aloe Vera

These mini potted plants have medicinal value and serve as a beautiful decor to your home. Being a type of succulent plant, they too need dry soil and little water with natural light to grow.

  • Anthurium

These small plants add brightness to homes and require limited space. They can endure all kinds of light, but sunlight is best for their growth.

  • Baby Toes

Being another kind of succulent plants, they also need less water. As the name suggests, the plants resemble baby toes due to their small size and unusual look.

  • Echeveria

They are also from the succulent family. Echeveria makes a small space for themselves due to their small dimensions. Do not overwater and keep the soil dry before watering, and they will grow beautifully without your assistance.

  • Coffee Plants

They require simple managing. Moreover, to your surprise, the coffee plants will notify you if they will need water by drooping of its leaves. With moderate indirect light, these plants will serve as a charming decor and might provide you with the beans for you to brew coffee.

  • Fiddle Leaf Figs

There is an ideal way to decorate your apartment. Only sprinkle water on their topsoil and give them indirect and bright light, and they will live without much care.

  • Spider Plants

They are one of the easiest maintenance plants. With occasional watering and bright indirect light, they will adorn your home.

10. Asparagus Fern

Indirect light and plenty of water without over-saturating will help them grow this beautiful fern.

11. Lucky Bamboo Plant

They grow in both water and soil. Use filtered water and change it after some days when water the soil when completely dry.

12. Bromeliad

Place them anywhere and forget about them. They are adapted to combat harsh conditions as they need minimal water.

13. Kalanchoe

Water them occasionally thoroughly and leave them. Kalanchoe grows best in low humidity and needs minimal labor.

14. Peperomia

There is one of the most commonly available indoor green plants with same day plant delivery options. With their thick leaves, they retain water and can stay without water for a long time. They grow best in indirect sunlight.

15. Cast-Iron Plant

They can withstand a wide range of soil and light conditions. If you can give them a little space, then they grow into an indestructible plant.

Now that you are aware of the most popular low-maintenance indoor plants, on any occasion, you can send plants online gift these to your dear ones and give their homes a touch of greenery. No gift can be ideal for your loved ones as these indoor plants, which require minimal maintenance.

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