3 Great Ways to Use Landscaping Stones in Your Garden

Your home’s landscaping will go a long way in establishing both its curb appeal and your ability to fully enjoy your property. While luscious plant life is a key part of any front or backyard, you can also improve your garden with landscaping stones.

Here are a few fun ways you can use these stones to create a one of a kind look for your yard.

  1. Stone Pathways

A stone pathway can provide a great way for traversing your backyard. By pairing small river rock with larger stepping stones, you can create an elegant pathway that leads to your garden, a back shed, a child’s play area, or any other backyard amenity.

When installing a stone pathway, be mindful of the width of the path. The path should be wide enough to accommodate its intended use (such as if you will push a wheelbarrow along the path for gardening), but not so wide as to interfere with the overall look of your landscaping. You can also create more visual interest by incorporating curves and bends in the path. This will make it easier to highlight a favourite plant or other landscaping feature.

  1. Creek Bed

Water-based elements are a great way to add variety to your landscaping. A backyard stream can help create a feeling of tranquility when spending time outside. Decorative landscaping stones are key to completing a natural, elegant look for your backyard stream.

These water features require that you dig out a sloped area and install specialty pumps and water lines to create the stream bed. Fabric underlayment and rubber liners should then be placed in this area to prevent water leaks, after which larger stones should be placed around the borders to prevent spills. Smaller landscaping stones should be layered on the bottom to cover exposed liner.

  1. Rock Garden

While many homeowners place mulch around their backyard plants, you can create additional contrast and a high-class look by creating a rock garden. Arranging a mixture of rocks and plants will create a stylish natural appearance for your backyard. Better still, this type of installation will typically require less maintenance than if you used mulch. Choose weathered and uneven rocks to create a more natural look.

Parting Thoughts

With quality landscaping stones, you will greatly enhance the visual appeal and functionality of your front or backyard. Whether you’re installing a garden pathway or simply applying a layer of stones that will add a nice contrast to your plant life, choosing a quality supplier will help you create a look that your entire family will love.

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