3 Tips for Maintaining Your Home’s Water Quality

3 Tips for Maintaining Your Home’s Water Quality

Maintaining or improving the quality of your water at home can protect your plumbing and fixtures. The better your water quality, the more refreshing each sip! Consider three tips for maintaining your home’s water quality.

Take Care of Your Plumbing

When you have plumbing problems, you risk high repair bills, problems with water usage at home, and lowered water quality. Taking care of your plumbing system protects your water quality and helps keep your system reliable.

If you have lead pipes, replace them immediately for your safety. Never pour grease into your kitchen sink; throw hardened grease in the trash. Avoid treating your sink garbage disposal as a trash can; instead, use it to catch crumbs of food only. These steps will prevent expensive and disgusting plumbing issues.

Keep the Water Supply As Clean as Possible

Another tip for maintaining your home’s water quality is to keep your supply as clean as possible. While wastewater treatment plants fight against water pollution, conscientiously keeping contaminants out of the water also makes a difference.

For example, you can use environmentally friendly lawncare treatments to avoid dumping harmful pesticides into the water. While some medications are on the U.S. Food and Drug Administration’s list of medicines to flush, look this information up before putting any medication into the toilet. Usually, you can put medicine into a drug take-back program or dispose of it in the trash.

Maintain Water Treatment Systems

Finally, assure you have high-quality water by maintaining any water treatment systems in your home. If your water tastes off, has a strange smell, or doesn’t look clear, you can get a water treatment service provider to check out your home water supply and provide you with the right solution.

Once you have a water treatment system, keep up with it. One of the most common systems people put in their homes is a water softening system to combat hard water. If you see signs that your water softener isn’t working properly, such as grayed laundered fabric, it is probably time to fix your system.

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