4 Fresh Trends in Interior Painting

Fresh Trends in Interior Painting

We deal with changing trends in so many aspects of our lives that it’s simply impossible to follow all of them. Not only are they numerous, but some require substantial expenditure without adding any real value to our lives. However, when it comes to interior painting, things are a bit different. Namely, this is the least expensive way to give your home a completely new look, make it much nicer or simply boost its resale value. So, what do we need to know about the fresh trends in interior painting?

Eco-friendly paints

We are all aware of the importance of protecting the environment, which is why we need to use eco-friendly products as much as possible. However, there is another important reason we should go green when it comes to interior painting. Some paints can actually be quite dangerous to our health and you don’t want to live in a home with poor indoor air quality. So, opt for VOC-free paints if you really want to have a healthy home, but still be able to get exactly the right shade.

Colours set the mood

It was established long time ago that colours have a deep and profound impact on the way we feel and there is a whole field of psychology dedicated to studying those effects. That’s why it’s very important to choose wisely when it comes to the colour of your walls. Since your home should be a place that reflects peace of mind and calmness, make sure you choose the right colours.

However, you should also pay attention to the colour of your furniture, since you want it to match the wall colour, as many Australians have found out for themselves. Interior painting and decorating projects in Sydney, for example, demonstrate that it always pays off to hire experts who can not only paint your home, but also provide colour consulting services. This means people don’t have to spend countless hours looking at dozens of various colour palettes, but have their options narrowed by those who understand exactly what their clients’ need.

All things earthly

Understandably, many paint colours that are trendy now incorporate the colours of nature. They bring life and calming presence to every home and are perfect to pair with bold accent walls, as they are often neutral. So, instead of choosing dark brown or tan hues that make spaces feel smaller, you should go for colours like mushroom or clay that provide an outdoorsy feel without the heavy colour and a touch of sophistication, while at the same time allowing the sun to brighten up the area. Woodland colours are a great option, since there is a variety of hues to choose from and they seem to stand the test of time quite well, regardless of the trends.

Don’t be blue

Blue is said to promote calm and peace throughout a home, but there are so many blue hues that you can easily go wrong. Our tip is to think about ice blues or charcoals, which liven up a room and soothe those within it. Avoid dark hues, such as navy blue, since they only make spaces feel darker and smaller. A more downplayed blue will give you more bang for your buck and you’ll probably get the best return on your investment. Also, these hues of blue allow you to tie in other colours to your room without being too overwhelming.

With so many colours to choose from, it’s not easy to make the right decision when it comes to interior painting. Tackling one room at a time might be a solution, because it would allow you to see what a particular paint looks like on your walls, but you need to know that it would take much more time to finish painting the whole house with this approach. Still, you shouldn’t give up on painting your interior walls just because you feel overwhelmed. Freshening up the rooms in your home will make you much more satisfied with the way they look and if you follow these tips regarding fresh trends, you’ll be able to make the most of your redecoration project.

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