5 Benefits of Transcribing YouTube Podcasts for Lead Generation

Transcribing YouTube Podcasts – Leads in the marketing world are potential customers. Such customers can be pointed out by their activities, which show interest in your company or brand. This is either by clicking on your ad, providing their email or phone number or asking you for details. Various leads can be generated by YouTube podcasters by converting their audio or video podcasts to transcripted podcasts, here’s how;

5 Benefits of Transcribing YouTube Podcasts for Lead Generation
  1. Larger audience reached

Individuals with disabilities should be offered an equal number of opportunities like other people. This should be applied to every opportunity and aspect of life including entertainment. By transcribing YouTube podcasts, it opens doors for the hearing impaired individuals to access podcasts too and get entertained. These people are a wide audience which is completely snubbed and not targeted. Another group of people who need to be targeted using the transcription of podcasts is foreigners, with English as their second language. It will prove to be beneficial and a clever idea to exploit these leads. E-books will generate more revenue as they can be available worldwide and to people with auditory disabilities as well. Even for people who just generally prefer reading over listening to tedious audio podcasts. 85% of expert marketers say that lead generation marketing is the most important element in their marketing arsenal.

  • Transcripted podcasts relatively more discoverable

The text has more chances of being found on search engines compared to audio podcasts. You type in some of the text you remember and you find the result however with audio it is impossible to find unless you know its name. When people share transcripted podcasts, it reaches a wider audience, more people go through it as compared to an audio file. Also, the audience is able to detect some points in it which drives them to look further into it. This audience then shares specific quotes of it, which got through to them. Providing podcasters lead generation through the people who are driven to read the podcast because of the quotes they read online about it. The content keeps getting shared and receives more views online. Transcripted podcaster can also be turned into blog posts which again is extremely convenient to find and access online.

  • Can be transcripted without any hassle

Podcasters may avoid addressing the idea of video transcription completely due to the misconception of it being a long complicated process, which is absolutely untrue. Let me clear out this misconception for you. It is the easiest process, least time consuming one and absolutely free! Yes, you read that right. Completely free of cost. So your next question probably is, how? Well, you’re in the right place for this answer. This is done by transcribing software. It takes 1/10th of the time of the actual audio or video for the conversion. Meaning, if the podcast is 60-minute long, it’ll take 6 minutes to transcribe it. There go all your misconceptions down the drain! So, you have nothing to lose, really. Instead, you have more to gain for this as it gives the audience an additional option to pick from, a larger target audience hence more lead generation. Why wouldn’t you go for this option?

  • Details not required by some leads

Some leads generally prefer reading over audio or video. They skim through it to get an idea of the content. This cannot be done if it’s a video or audio podcast, making the individual frustrated due to the wastage of time. But other than this, it might be also due to them not being able to focus well during the long YouTube podcast, most people do not have significantly long attention spans. They might get distracted resulting in them missing out on the context. This is very unlike reading where they cannot get back to it instantly and detect the exact sentence they left off from. It leads to them missing many points during the YouTube podcast hence not remembering much from it after it concludes.

  • More options

Having podcasts on YouTube and then on a blog in writing as well provides more options for the audience, which is what they always want and ask for. For example, while listening to a song on YouTube people prefer the video with audio and lyrics both. Similarly, with podcasts the listeners, if they miss out on some points, can immediately scroll down read the write-up and immediately catch-up with the video via transcription. You cannot generate new leads from a 10-minute video, only people already familiar with your content will be interested. More options guarantee more accessibility. People in public places will be more comfortable with reading transcripted podcasts rather than listening to audio or video podcasts while waiting in long lines, on a subway or in the library.

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