5 Best Mobile Apps you Should Have this 2020

Mobile apps are designed to make our life easier. There are applications for everything. May it be for entertainment, for workout, for budgeting, or even for productivity, there are tons of amazing mobile applications you can use out there.

According to a research firm Statista, there are 2.56 million apps in Google Play Store and 1.85 million apps in Apple’s Apps Store in the first quarter of 2020. While this study is good news for the user, finding the best app can be a little challenging. That is where we step in.

On this page, we’ll name some of the best mobile apps you should have this year. Some of these apps are newly launched software, while there others that have lasted the test of time, proving to be reliable with the user years after their initial release.

Mint.com to handle your finances

Consider to be the best budgeting management tool by both users and tech experts, Mint.com app allows you to handle and monitor your personal finances easily. This mobile application can also track your bills and spending habit.  You can also set up your spending categories so you’ll know where your money is going. The app can also alert the users when he or she spends more than the budget. Finally, the app has a goal section, where you can calculate how long it will take you to pay your debt.

Mobile Casino app for rewarding entertainment

The mobile casinos allow anyone to access thousands of casino games online in both android and iOS. From ever-popular slot machines to live casinos and other card games, players can play any game they like. Quality casinos in Vietnam offer a mobile app for its player to enjoy any gambling games anytime and anywhere they like. We don’t recommend downloading the app at the Play Store or App Store. If you want to experience the fun of mobile casinos go to the best casino Vietnam website and download their official mobile app.

While mobile casinos are very popular this year, these mobile apps aren’t for everyone. You can win real money using this app, but you can also lose some cash. Well, that’s how gambling works. If you are going to play casino games make sure you understand the risk. The good news is that you can minimize this risk, by claiming casino bonuses.

Clue for period tracker

You read that right, there are mobile applications nowadays that allow you to track menstruation. These apps are a thing this year. The Clue app is one of them and probably the best free period tracker app today.

Clue has also a period calendar, ovulation tracker, and fertility tracker, so you’ll know your body more. You can enter data about your cycle then the Clue app will predict when will be your next period. You can also find some health insights, patterns in moods, and symptoms using the app.

ScanPro App for handy office tools

Most default smartphone camera apps nowadays have an advanced feature that allows you to scan QR code or an item. We absolutely love this camera feature. This is quite a reliable feature you can enjoy. However, if your smartphone doesn’t support these features, we suggest to download the ScanPro App. This mobile app has a good rating at the App Store and Google Playstore. Here’s why.

With the ScanPro App, the user scan Bar codes, QR codes, and even newspaper articles. You can digitize the content you have scanned and save it to your phone. You can even send the information through fax. The ScanPro App can convert the document into PDF or JPEG.

Big Oven for delicious meals

Big oven is for those people who love cooking.  This mobile app has over 350,000 recipes that its users can access. When you create an account at Big Oven, you can also follow other users and bloggers to find out what food they are making. If you have new ideas, you can also make your own recipe and share it with the community. You can also take a photo of your recipe and upload it.

The Big Oven app has also Menu planner feature where you can plan your meals for the week. Another favorite feature in this app is the grocery feature. Here, you can make a grocery list and share them with other users.  This will be useful if you have someone with you shopping. You easily mark the item off your list, so your partner won’t end up buying the same thing.

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