5 Of The Best Remote Jobs Of 2021

A  large number of adults got a taste of working from home during the pandemic. For some, the return to normal office activity couldn’t come soon enough. Others, however, found the flexibility and lack of commute attractive. If you are in that latter group, you may be starting to look for jobs that allow you to work remotely permanently. Here are five of the best remote jobs that you’ll find open in 2021. 


  1. Sales Manager

Due to the mobile nature of the business, many sales representatives and managers have worked remotely for a long time. That isn’t about to change now. Look into work from home opportunities for sales managers. You shouldn’t have trouble finding openings in your area, especially if you have lots of sales or customer service experience.

Maybe you don’t have the experience but are interested in learning the skills needed to become a top sales pro. Try taking an online class or two to learn about the sales cycle, attracting new clients and how to compose a winning sales email

  1. Development Associate

If you prefer to stay behind the scenes, a career in development may be a better choice for you. More and more nonprofit organizations are using remote development teams to research, compose and track grants, develop relationships with donors and plan other fundraising activities. 

While nonprofit experience is highly valued in development positions, it isn’t necessarily a requirement. You’ll need to be able to complete research, maintain a complex schedule, and have a strong writing ability for this type of work. A background in customer service or event management are also attractive assets in applicants.  

  1. Teacher or Tutor

Many regular school districts have also decided to maintain virtual schools, so if you have a teaching certification or are interested in earning one, now is a great time to look into that option. If you prefer to work with adults, many colleges and universities now offer online options for many of their classes. Most will require an advanced degree and some teaching experience, so keep that in mind when applying. 

Do you enjoy working with children but lack a teaching certification? There are countless teaching opportunities that can be done remotely, even if you don’t have a degree in education. Applying for one of the online ESL programs for children around the world are an excellent way to get started, Many even offer free TEFL certifications to qualified applicants. 

  1. Customer Service Representative

Many call centers have actually moved to a virtual environment, making a customer service representative role an attractive option for people looking for an entry-level position. In this role, you will answer calls and emails or handle chat requests. You may also need to refer some customers to supervisors or other departments. Because customers always need support, you may be able to find open positions that accommodate late night or early morning schedules. 

Be aware that most companies will ask you to provide your own technology gear, so check the requirements ahead of time to ensure you aren’t stuck with a major investment before your first payday.  A few examples of things you may need include:

  • High-speed wired internet
  • Dual monitors
  • A USB headset
  • Minimum processor speeds
  • Anti-virus software
  1. Virtual Assistant

As executives have moved to remote positions, they also need assistants who can accommodate and manage their new schedules. This has resulted in a large number of virtual assistant positions opening up. Virtual assistants manage schedules, handle correspondence, and plan for meetings. They may also take minutes, make travel arrangements and perform routine data entry tasks.

If you enjoy supporting others in their work, this could be a great opportunity to move to a work-from-home role. In many cases, you can secure an entry-level role with just a high school education; however, higher-paying jobs will require a degree and several years of experience. 

While this list is certainly not exhaustive, it covers a good range of positions for various skill and career levels, all of which are readily available in 2021. 

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