5 Big Reasons Why You’re Still Single

Do all your girlfriends have boyfriends and you don’t?

5 Big Reasons Why You’re Still Single

Instead of hitting the clubs and staying out all night, you’re stuck at home, doing the dishes and watching bad romance movies.

It seems that everyone else has a mate, but you don’t. You’ve been on a ton of dates, but nothing seems to pan out.

What is going on? Why can’t you keep a man? It’s not for lack of trying.

You end up chalking it up to not being the right time.

If you find yourself single more often then you would like, there could be some underlying reasons you haven’t secured a relationship.

Let’s look at 5 big reasons why you’re still single.

1 . You’re Addicted to Falling in Love

As humans we have addictive tendencies. Ask anyone and they’ll tell you they have a habit they can’t seem to shake off.

While you might think addiction only comes in the form of cigarettes, alcohol, gambling or drugs, there is also falling in love.

Psychologists view love addiction as a “cocaine-rush,” and characterizes the initial phase as a,

Do you find you enjoy the act of getting into a relationship more than being in one? After the initial “high” you have, the feeling dissipates and the initial attraction you had, goes out the window.

You’re ready for a new quest for love and the cycle repeats itself.

2 . You’re Waiting For “The One”

Do you have a list of characteristics of the perfect guy or woman? They have to be tall, sexy and fun?

These invisible ideas you hold for your future mate could be keeping you from ever finding true happiness.

This is truer when your expectations are unrealistic. Men may want a woman who looks like a supermodel and women may want their guy to look like Channing Tatum. All you focus on is the “list” and you brush someone off because they don’t fit your idea of “the one.”

Being too picky can keep you single much longer than necessary.

3 . Your Standards Are Too High

While you may not have an idea of “the one,” you certainly have high standards of the type of people you will date.

Maybe you only date men that make a certain amount of money per year; or you only date women who graduated from an Ivy League college.

You may dismiss this as holding out for love, but in actuality, it could be hurting your chances. Take a look at your standards and try to let go with a few.

Don’t let a weird name or living in the next town over be a deal breaker for finding love.

4 . You Always Have to Be Right

Are you the one who always has to be right in an argument? Whether you are dishing it out with your mom, best friend or WeLoveDates interest, you don’t care if you are blue in the face; you want to make sure that they know you are right.

People don’t like to be wrong or make mistakes. Holding on to being right is only a guaranteed way you won’t feel shame or guilt.

But, who wants to be with someone who has to be right all the time? If you find that you end up nit picking, berating and hammering your point to your new boyfriend or girlfriend, good luck in keeping them.

Instead of trying to be right, look for ways to hear the other person out and react calmly.

5 . You Don’t Keep Up With Appearances

You’ve been single for more than six months and by this time, who cares if you run out of the house in sweats and a ponytail?

Living on your own and not going out much can leave you dismissive about what you look like on a daily basis. You may gain a few pounds during this time, let your roots grow out or let your manicure go.

You may not realize it, but whenever you go out, you have the chance of meeting someone new.

Men care about how women look. They see women who exercise regularly, dress nice, do their hair and makeup and watch what they eat as someone they want to date.

So, if you want to find a mate, keep up with appearances and make men want to approach you.

Is it Too Late to Find True Love?

What’s keeping you single has a lot less to do about others and more about yourself.

Recognizing why you are still single and not with the man or woman of your dreams is the first step to finding a long life mate.

Don’t always fall for the first guy you meet, scrap those unrealistic views of your potential husband or wife, work on positive communication styles when you argue, and pay attention to your appearance.

By changing your perceptions and beliefs can help you better your life and see the positive in dating sites.

It’s definitely not too late to find love. People are delaying marriage to focus on their careers and this can give you time to figure yourself out and work on any personal issues you might have.

So, instead of feeling down because you’re still single, start to work around that and get out there in the dating scene.

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