5 Important Reasons that Make Blue Star ACs the Customer’s First Choice

If you are thinking of buying an air conditioner this summer, then you can find many brands in the Indian market.

Features of Blue Star AC

The Indian market is now flooded with both established and new AC brands. Each of them is involved in a fierce battle to outscore each other.

Hence, when you go out to buy an AC, you are bound to be confused with which one to buy.   

However, one of the best AC brands since independence is none other than Blue Star. Buying a Blue Star AC could be a nice choice this summer to beat the heat.  

It is because a Blue Star AC is energy efficient and can help you save a lot of money on the electricity bill. If you can buy a 5 Star Rated Blue Star split AC or a window AC; then you can save up to 25-30% on power bills. What’s more, a Blue Star AC is also equipped with advanced features to make your life comfortable.  

If you are concerned about the cost of buying a Blue Star AC, then you should check the EMI facility offered by Bajaj Finserv. It can help you break the cost of the AC over a tenor so that you can pay in instalments.

Go through this post to know some features of Blue Star AC making it one of the best to buy along with an easy buying alternative. Read on!

What makes Blue Star ACs the best?

  1. The ‘I FEEL’ Sensor

Blue Star split ACs come with a temperature sensor on the inner unit. That makes it easier for you to detect temperature right from anywhere in the room if you have the remote. As a result, you would not need to go near the AC to control the temperature. Thanks to Blue Star’s ‘I FEEL’ Sensor, it is possible to do that.

2. Multiple useful features

Most of the Blue Star AC has a multi-fan speed option that ensures that the wind is circulated throughout the room. The Blue Star AC comes with three-fan speed cooling while the Blue Star inverter AC has four fan speeds.

You also get to avail the sleep mode option that automatically adjusts the room temperature to see to it that you enjoy a comfortable slumber.

3. Air filtration

The air filtration system of the Blue Star window AC and split AC helps a user receive pure air without the risk of bacteria or dust. It sterilizes the room air to make it 90% bacteria free in the end. Blue Star air conditioners also come with cold plasma filter which activates the oxygen and hydrogen ions flow. As a result, it helps in the elimination of dangerous agents present in the inside room air.

4. Cost efficient

Blue Star ACs are cost-effective. What’s more, they are also good for the environment as the coolant used in them can’t damage the Ozone layer. Most of the Blue Star split ACs have eco-friendly R410A refrigerant in them.

5. Different modes available

After you switch on the Blue Star AC, it will select the program it needs to cool your room automatically. Also, for cleaning the unit, you don’t have to call the technician. It is because by following the user manual, it would be possible to detach the front panel. You can call a service agent only when the air conditioner needs some servicing. Blue Star has a reputation for providing fast service.

Once you schedule a service request with a representative, you will be attended without any delay. Even if your Blue Star air conditioner needs any replacing of the spare parts, that won’t take much time. Overall, the turnaround time concerning Blue Star servicing and alike services are fast compared to other leading air conditioner brands in India.    

Some of the reasons why buying a Blue Star AC is one of the smartest decisions to make are discussed above. As discussed earlier, let us reveal an easy buying option to buy an AC without denting your pockets.

In India, you can now find many buying alternatives that are designed to help a customer buy any product without budget issues. One of them is the easy EMI facility that has become popular in India. You can now buy a Blue Star AC on affordable EMIs using the No Cost EMI facility in India. The affordable EMI facility is available across Bajaj Finserv EMI Network.

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