5 Jobs That Get You Out of the Office and Into The World

Are you looking for the opportunity to explore the world? If you’re tired of the monotony of the office, consider one of these five jobs to help you see and do more. From thousands of feet in the air to the wide-open seas, these are some of the most exciting opportunities out there.

Jobs That Get You Out of the Office

Soaring Adventures 

Exploring the world is easiest from the comfort of thousands of feet in the air. For those looking for a job that will take them anywhere, consider working as a flight attendant. You can travel the globe while meeting exciting new people and soaking up the culture of hundreds of new cities. On your days off, take advantage of the generous travel perks offered to airline employees. If flying makes you uncomfortable, remember that technology has come a long way to ensure your safety in the sky. Devices like the ram air turbine and HEPA grade air filtration systems protect against a variety of risks. If the world is calling you, consider traveling the globe as a flight attendant.

Natural Wonders  

If you’d rather keep your feet on the ground, then joining the US National Park Service may be right for you. This career path lets you soak up the rich and beautiful landscapes that fill this nation every day. Your office will be the great outdoors, and you can choose a job that fits your schedule. As a ranger, you will help protect and both the natural and historical wonders of the country. When picking your role, think about where you want to be. Your options include parts of the islands of Hawaii, the depths of the Grand Canyon and the coastal lines of Maine. Take the time to consider this important role in preserving important landmarks throughout the country.

International Education  

Being a teacher may not have crossed your mind as a way to travel, but thousands of people have made homes for themselves in countries around the globe as ESL teachers. These exciting jobs allow you to explore a new country while educating children or adults. To get started, you want to choose the country you want to live in, then look at average salaries for native ESL teachers and compare them to the cost of living. This information will help you plan for what sort of lifestyle you can enjoy. Besides the joys of exploring a new city, teaching abroad gives you a new hub for travel. Remember, enjoying Bali beaches is easier when you’re traveling from Thailand.

Literary Explorations  

Travel writing is one of those careers that many romanticize but brush off as just a dream. However, this exciting field is easier to break into than you may think. There are plenty of well-known magazines that are always looking to hire freelance travel writers. Additionally, sites like Upwork offer opportunities that allow you to build your portfolio. Travel writing offers opportunities to explore, experience and celebrate cultures and traditions you may otherwise never have seen. If you are seeking a job untethered to four walls, this is the path for you. Before you get started, take the time to do your research to help you find your niche in this exciting career field.

Adventures on the High Seas 

Garnering close to 40 billion dollars in revenue over the past decade, the cruise industry offers chances to see the world as a perk to your employment. Cruise jobs cover a wide range of work, from engineering to hospitality, that allows you to pursue your passions while exploring. These floating hotels provide opportunities to travel and have your room and board paid as part of your employment contract. There are a variety of types of employment offered, including posts where you can bring your partner with you to enjoy the adventure. You can check job boards and employment pages of different cruise lines to get started in this exciting field.

Good luck on your newest adventures, wherever they take you.

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