5 Secrets for a Stress-Free Life

Stress-Free Life

Stress-Free Life

Have you ever wondered what it would be like if stress was completely absent from your life? You’re in good company. Just about everyone wishes they could fast forward through a stressful time, and when it feels like that stressful time is just your stressful life, it can be hard to keep your chin up and stay hopeful. Stress is an inevitable part of life, but that doesn’t make it any easier to manage or accept. Fortunately, while there is no real way to kick all of your stress to the curb, there are ways you can manage your reaction to stressors and create a more peaceful environment around you–and within yourself. 


  1. Do More For Yourself

Whether you adopt a morning ritual of coffee and journaling or you take a dose of CBD flower and head out for a stroll on your lunch break, when the going gets tough, it’s just as important to take a step away from it all to clear your head as it is to deal directly with whatever has your anxiety levels elevated. As well, consider self care a preventative measure. Even when things aren’t as stressful in your life, it’s still important to keep a ritual going to establish a routine that you can cling to when things do start to become unsteady in your life. 

  1. Don’t Take It Personally

Much of the time, stress is the result of overanalyzing or worrying beyond what is constructive or necessary to tackle a problem. It may feel like this is productive, but it’s highly likely that it’s just your fear talking in a misguided effort to protect you from further harm. By overthinking, you could be inadvertently generating more stress for yourself and making it harder to properly assess the risks in front of you. It’s important to remember that what other people do, and the things they say to you, most likely have nothing to do with you, so there is no use in ruminating on the worst-case scenario or to start believing there is something seriously wrong with you. When you recognize your mind starting to race, slow down and focus on only what is necessary. 

  1. Don’t Take On Too Much

Everyone has busy times, but if it feels like you’re always running on fumes or like there are never enough hours in the day to get everything done, it may be time to do less. Being busy is often a distraction tactic that keeps you away from forming a healthy relationship with your thoughts and feelings. When you slow down, it may be a little uncomfortable at first. With practice, you can settle into a healthy pace that allows for a balanced life. 

  1. Be Present

Many people who experience anxiety regularly often spend a great deal of their time focused on the past or the future. Rather than worry about things that you cannot change, and things that haven’t even happened yet, turn your attention to exactly where you are right now. If you feel content, savor it. If you sense that something needs to shift, let yourself feel your feelings and come up with a plan of attack. The more present you can be, the less you’re likely to obsess about things you have no control over. 

  1. Be Grateful

In a digital world, it’s easy to feel like you and your life aren’t good enough. However, this is the result of effective marketing strategies, which are built in popular apps as the framework of their platform, so even your friends’ lives can leave you feeling down. Rather than focus on what you lack, look to the things you have. Even small things, like a good hair day or a favorite mug you’ve had for years, can be reasons to be grateful for things in your life that bring you joy. Gratitude also provides a sense of control as you recognize the power of your thoughts and attention to create your own reality, and that reality ultimately ends up more positive and enjoyable. 

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