5 Significant Factors that Affect your Auto Insurance in Woodbridge, VA

Considering auto insurance in Woodbridge VA can feel complex sometimes, from what it encompasses to why we end up paying what we do. That is why we are here to break down at least one of these great car insurance unknowns- exactly how what type of car you drive affects what you pay for your auto insurance.

auto insurance Woodbridge VA

Well, let us dip into the car aspects to be considered when getting a quote for your auto insurance in Woodbridge VA.

How fancy is your car?

Majority of people already know that the make and model of their car affect their insurance rates considerably. For instance, if you drive a fancy foreign car, your insurance premium rate will likely be higher than your sedan-owning neighbor.  But why is it so? Well, foreign parts are more difficult to acquire and fewer auto shops can perform the repairs that you might need. Cars like your neighbor’s sedan are easier to repair and their parts are much more readily available, which means that they will be paying less for their auto insurance plan.

How your Car’s Birthday is Important?

If you are in an accident, the cost of repairs will possibly be expensive irrespective of what year your car was manufactured or made. But the cost of replacing a newer, more expensive car is much higher than replacing an older one that has lost its value, so that you collision coverage rates for a new care will be higher and as will your premium rates.

How safe is your car?

The safety of your car can factor into how much you will pay for car insurance. Most of the insurance carrier’s only rate on the basic safety features like airbags and seatbelts. Extra safety features like collision warning systems, backup cameras, and hands-free calling systems can help keep you and other drivers safe on the road, but the truth is most carriers don’t take these features into consideration.

Because Bigger is better!

While being on the subject of safety, did you ever know that larger vehicle are usually considered safer? It might seem counter intuitive, but if you have a large car with a good safety rating, your premium will likely be lower than if you had a smaller car with the same safety rating. But again, there is a catch- the size of your car’s engine could also influence your insurance rate.

Annual Mileage

The less you drive, the less risk you have being in an accident. Your insurer can also try to determine from the length of your commute if you head into a metro area from your house. If you live outside Virginia, for instance, but your commute is 30 miles, your insurer can foresee that though your local area is at low risk, your commute into the heart of a heavily populated metropolitan area puts you at greater amount of risk. However, if your annual mile driven goes down, let your insurance company know- that likely you can save money.

There are many factors that you cannot control, but there are some that certainly you can. Just keep a clean driving record, build a good credit score, purchase a vehicle whose insurance doesn’t breaks the bank, and choose the right coverage for your needs and requirements. Just because your rating factors are not perfect does not mean you can’t get better rates. Each of the insurance company weighs your risk factors differently, so ensure that you shop around once or twice a year. Hence, find the insurer that is pricing competitively for your particular combination of factors. So are you ready?

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