5 Significant Tips to Throw a Glam and Fun Cocktail Party at Home

5 Significant Tips to Throw a Glam and Fun Cocktail Party at Home – Parties are a pleasant reminder of life being fun in spite of the daily struggle that we have to undertake. For the millennial, a good life means some lip-smacking yet minimal delicacies, some interesting conversations and a good drink.

5 Significant Tips to Throw a Glam and Fun Cocktail Party at Home

That is why gathering your buddies for a cocktail party can assure a day of fun that will energize and enliven you to deal with your busy schedule with the right mind.

While gathering up in someone else’s home comes with its own perks (like no post-party headache of cleaning up), being the party host has a different set of benefits to offer. It is a chance to welcome your acquaintances to your own world and turning them into buddies with a fun-filled evening that reveals your personality.

So, if you are thinking of hosting a cocktail party here are some essential tips that will help it to be stress-free and seamless. By following these tips, you can rest assured that your guests will demand and look forward to more such parties. Just read on.

  • Set the Style – This is the first thing to do. You should decide whether yours will be an upscale swanky party or a casual flamboyant event as the two will require different elements. Ensure whether it will be a sweet 10-12 intimate friend get-together or a howling bunch of 30-40 people bash. Your party’s look and feel will depend on it.
  • Make the Room Comforting – The key to hosting a successful party is to make the guests feel comfortable. Welcome the guests warmly the moment they knock the door and put up an inviting wreath by providing the entryway basics like coat rack and a pair of chairs. Use bold accessories and make use of colors even if your party is more formal than casual. You can use whimsical wine charms, color-changing cubes, fairy lights and flamboyant stemware and napkins for the right effect.
  • Incorporate the Essentials in the Menu – A cocktail party menu that you can rest assured won’t fail consists of the following –
  • Fruits like grapes or strawberries
  • Cheeseboard that include crackers, nuts, two-three cheeses and bread
  • Vegetarian Options like mason jar salads, Margarita flatbread or basil or mozzarella or tomato skewers
  • Simple protein delicacies like beef tenderloin, chicken or shrimp skewers or cocktail
  • Desserts like mini tarts or pies or small brownies
  • Bar delectable liquors like vodka, tequila, whisky, wine, sparkling wine apart from mixers, sodas and garnishes
  • Include the Basic Cutlery that the Guests May Require – When the menu is ready it is time that you ensure to get the vital party supplies to provide guests what they need to dine and drink. Don’t forget to include champagne flutes, wine glasses, dining plates, spoons, flatware, napkins and coasters in appropriate numbers apart from the ice buckets and tongs to make the guests feel at ease.
  • Make Plenty of Room for the Guests and Hire the Required Furniture– You should arrange the furniture in the living room in such a way that the guests can easily move through. If you need you can discard your home furniture for that day and hire the appropriate pieces like comfortable yet sleek lounges, podium bar tables, a luxurious bar or stylish and convenient bar cart that can be moved and provide ample space and a portable food station. You can get all these by opting for chair hire. These will help your guests have the basics yet get sufficient room to move freely and even engage in entertaining games and dances without searching for places to look for the drink or food or to rest.

The above are some of the things that will help you host a fun-filled cocktail party that is sure to make your attendees ask for more such events in future.

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