5 Things to know about living in Ottawa

Being the capital city of Canada, it’s no surprise that living in Ottawa comes with a lot of opportunities. Ottawa is a city rich in history and culture, evident by its architecture and diverse neighborhoods. Between its active downtown and quiet suburban areas, Ottawa has something to offer for everyone.

5 Things to know about living in Ottaw

Quality of Life

While the quiet city might be sometimes overlooked, Ottawa has grown into a hotspot over the past few decades and has the second highest quality of life of any North American city. It’s also ranked as the best place to live in Canada, above larger cities like Toronto and Montreal. It’s no surprise Ottawa has become such a well loved city, it also has the lowest crime rate and is the third cleanest city in the world.

Job Opportunities

As the capital city, there are plenty of government job opportunities available in Ottawa. In fact, it has one of the lowest unemployment rates in the country and some of the highest household incomes. New jobs continuously opening up in Ottawa have helped it flourish into the city it is today. If you’re considering applying to government jobs in Ottawa, it would help to brush up on your French, the cities second official language, as they often require workers to be bilingual. Sometimes referred to as “Silicon Valley North,” many tech companies have settled down in the area.

Cost of Living

As with any bigger city, you can expect to pay a little extra living in Ottawa for rent, shopping, and dining out. The cost of living is above average in Ottawa, but those coming from cities, like Vancouver or Toronto, will be relieved to hear that the capital city is more affordable than many of its sister cities. Ottawa is perfect for those looking to experience life in a big city without having to make financial sacrifices.


Seven of Canada’s nine national museums are located in Ottawa, giving Ottawans easy access to some of the best art and historical artifacts in the country. Popular museums include the Canadian Museum of Nature, the National Gallery of Canada, and the Canadian Museum of History. As an added bonus, many of the museums in Canada offer free admission at certain times.  


If you need some time away from the downtown area, Ottawa has over 1,300 different sites available for the community scattered across the city. Ottawa’s parks help promote an active lifestyle as well, with plenty of biking and hiking trails. From children’s playground, dog parks, and scenic parks along the canal, Ottawa is a great place for those who enjoy relaxing in the outdoors.

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