5 Uncanny Places Around The Globe To Ask Her Out

Uncanny Places Around The GlobeOff late, have you been planning to pop the question to the love of your life, but are confused as to what would make it a memorable moment and etch it forever in your memories?

Well, one of the best ways would be to choose an incredibly scenic location as your backdrop while you are on one knee asking her to marry you and spend the rest of your life together.

Uncanny Places Around The Globe To Ask Her Out

Now, when we say scenic location we do not necessarily mean that you go the “mainstream” way and opt for places like Paris as those die-hard romantics would (although, there’s no harm in doing that if you’re one of them!). As a matter of fact, why not select a uniquely uncanny destination that no one has ever thought of?

Well, speaking of unorthodox locations, here we have put together a list of places that you can choose from.

Badwater Basin, Death Valley National Park in California

One of the lowest points in North America, Death Valley might not sound like a romantic spot to you. But if you are someone who loves solitude and peace, then this is an ideal place for you.

The Badwater Basin is a saline, waterless pool that stretches up to 5 miles and is surrounded by those majestic Sierra Nevada summits. This unique fusion offers the spot a wild west vibe and surrounds you with an incredible contrast of white color from the basin floor and pastels from those mountains.

Central Park in New York City

As compared to other places, Central Park is one of the most touched locations. Add to that, it is one such destination that is considered to be both a step out of the norm and an engagement cliche.

That said, instead of doing something predictable like ‘skyline in the distance’, why not think out of the box and do a flash mob to ask her out. Or perhaps, ask the local busker to help you add that additional element of entertainment.

By turning a simple plan into something extraordinary and surprising, you can certainly make the moment a memorable one for her.

Half Dome, Yosemite National Park in California

Asking your partner out on mountaintops has been a tradition for a long time, but mostly among those adventure freaks. But, you could certainly add a twist of your own to this whole experience by climbing up this amazing mountain in the US. Remember, this trek is not for those who are faint of heart!

If you’re thinking of executing this plan, make sure you are carrying plenty of water since this spot is 8,800 feet above sea level. However, since you are about to witness an incredible view from the top of the mountain, it will all be worth it.

Of course, trekking to the top in itself is a huge event, but incorporating a tungsten ring will make it even more memorable for your fiance.

Spencer Lake in Western Australia

In Australia, you are bound to come across various lakes that are pink in color, but as compared to all of them, Spencer Lake is the most astounding and dazzling!

The rosy color of this lake is due to the amalgamation of salt concentration and algae. But make sure you are doing some research from your end before planning a trip to this spot since it doesn’t have the same color throughout the year.

However, your plan of popping the question with a pink lake as your backdrop is surely going to be something similar to those fairytales.

Mitad del Mundo, Quito in Ecuador

Want to make your proposal the most memorable moment in both your and your fiance’s life? Simply ask her out in the middle of the world!

Yes, you read that right! And yes, there is a city in South America that is right on the equator, sitting between the southern and northern hemispheres. But to find the exact location where both the hemispheres meet, you will have to conduct a bit of research.

Also, while you are at the exact spot, you could even ask her out from both ends of the world provided you have figured out the right point.

Asking your partner the life-altering question is certainly a difficult task and the way you do it has a huge impact on whether or not that moment would be etched in their memories forever. 

So, rather than following the herd and recreating something that people have already done a million times, why not step out of the line, think of something out of the box and come up with a proposal that will truly blow your partner’s mind?

Also, while you are at it, maybe try adding one of these spots in your plan!

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