6 Brilliant Ways to Keep Your House Cool Inside and Out

Summer can get very uncomfortable, especially if you are poorly prepared for the season. Don’t just rely on the air conditioning unit to keep your house cool.

Ways to Keep Your House Cool Inside and Out

If you don’t try to control the temperature in other ways, you will end up with a huge electric bill. You can use the simple tips below to make your home more comfortable:

1. Close Your Blinds

Letting sunlight into your house can drastically raise the indoor temperatures. Some statistics indicate that leaving the curtains and blinds open can increase temperatures by about 30%. You may not be able to close your curtains during the day since you need some natural light in your home. But blinds should always be kept closed, especially if your windows let in direct sunlight.

2. Close Your Windows

You should also close the windows as this will help to keep the hot air out. You can open the windows at night to clean the air in the house without worsening the indoor temperatures. It is possible that the temperatures will become unbearable during the day, even with the windows closed. In such cases, you can open the doors, as well as the windows on opposite sides.

3. Install an Awning

Besides improving the appearance of your property, retractable awnings make your house cooler. These elements block off heat from the sun and will prevent your furnishings from being bleached out by the sun. With these items, you can let some light to your house for illumination, and at the same time will be able to block off a lot of the heat. Awnings come in many different designs, so you should not have any trouble finding one which suits your home. You may see these awnings in Melbourne for your home improvement project.

4. Insulate Your Attic

A lot of heat is transmitted between your attic and living space. You can considerably reduce the amount of heat in your home by investing in good attic insulation. Some experts have noted that proper insulation can reduce your energy expenditure by about 50%. The insulation may cost you a lot of money, but this will be offset by the lowered cost of cooling. In addition, the value of the property will rise significantly. Note that good attic insulation will also help to keep your home warm in winter since the warm air will not escape the rooms.

5. Buy an Evaporative Cooler

An evaporative cooler can work as a substitute for an air conditioner, and it uses a lot less energy. The best evaporative coolers use 80% less energy compared to the best air conditioners. Some coolers will only use as much energy as a light bulb. You will also appreciate the fact that these items can be moved around to cool specific rooms in the house.

6. Use Floor-Standing Fans

Fans should be placed on the floor and should be at the level of the windows. For the best results, you should get two fans. One should face an open window as it will help to eliminate the warm air in the room. The second one should face inwards to circulate the cool air in the house. Another trick that has had great results is placing ice buckets in front of the fans. The bucket will cool the air as it circulates in the room.


Make sure you follow these tips in the warm summer season. Besides lowering your energy bill, these tips can help reduce your carbon footprint, thus improving the state of the planet. If you implement these tips well, you may not even need air conditioning at all.

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