6 Common questions people ask when it comes to hypospadias repair

When Susan William’s first son was born, both the parents who are doctors knew instantly that there was something wrong with their boy’s penis.

According to Susan, “When I first saw my son pee, it was not coming from where it was supposed to.” 

And then the mother noted that “Urethra opening was at the bottom which was supposed to be at the tip of the penis.” 

Moreover, the penis seemed crooked, and the foreskin was also incomplete. Susan requested for the baby to be circumcised as she knew about the hypospadias. As a doctor, she knew that her son was diagnosed with hypospadias.

hypospadias repair

However, the good news is that Hypospadias is a curable birth disease. On average, out of 250 children, the disease just hit one kid. 

The bad thing is that people don’t even feel comfortable talking about it with their neighbors. This is the reason why some of the people have never heard of it, and whenever they hear, it surprises them. 

In research, it was concluded that hypospadias is developed during pregnancy. Mostly, it is just a coincidence, but it can also occur by inheritance. 

I have jotted down some common questions that people ask when it comes to Hypospadias repair. Freeze a few minutes and give it a read. You may share it with your friends too.

1.How long is the procedure? 

Answer: Hypospadias repair surgery depends upon the condition of the hypospadias. Routine surgery will take around one hour, while a complex hypospadias surgery will take around three hours. The bend in the penis might gauge the severity of the case. 

2. Is it necessary to give patient anesthesia for the surgery? 

Answer: If their case is simple and the surgery can be done within two hours, doctors recommend local anesthesia, which will relieve the pain. For complex cases, full anesthesia must be given so that surgery can take place quickly and smoothly. 

3. Will surgery cure hypospadias from the root?

Answer: Mostly, 90% of the children with penile hypospadias are cured right after the first phase of the surgery. And after the surgery the children can stand and pee like any normal kid. Generally, a second surgery is required in some cases. And that will be enough to get Hypospadias away from the root. 

4. After the surgery, will the penis look normal? 

Answer: In a hypospadias surgery, the normal approach is to take the extra foreskin and provide equal skin to the sides of the penis. When everything is done, the penis will appear in a circumcised shape. As a result, after the surgery, it will appear that only the circumcision has been done.

5. Is there any effect of the surgery on sexual life?

Answer: The current surgical techniques made it easy for the blood supply to get normal fast, preserving the nerve. The result is a good outcome which is combined with the cosmetic and functional perspective. Some children, however, who have gone through a flap procedure may need some evaluation because the semen ejaculation might not be that good. Moreover, the checkout is necessary between the ages of 13 – 24 years. This will make it clear that the urethra is functioning well.

6. For how much time will the patient be hospitalized, and are there any precautions before the procedure? 

Answer: Generally speaking, mostly the hospitals take in patients in the morning, and the operation is done in the first half. If that’s the case, the children can go home either in the evening or the next day in the morning. 

If, for any reason, the surgery goes south, then the patient needs to stay for a more extended period. Before the operation, the patient must get medicine in-time; there should be regular diaper changes with regular follow-ups. The child can take normal diet and play in the house. 

To Sum up

It is necessary that once Hypospadias is identified, it is wise to go for an operation. Whether it is in a minor phase or it is something that needs a long operation, it is best that the Hypospadias needs to be operated at once. 

The surgical method of operation for Hypospadias is worldwide popular and which is the right choice to get away with this as soon as possible. 

If you are confused about what to do, it is better to talk to a child specialist who will guide you better and in a more logical way. But whatever you do, in the end, you will decide to operate the Hypospadias before it gets late. 

These questions will help you gather some detail regarding what is happening with your Hypospadias and what do you need to do to get it away. Look for early symptoms and consult a specialist in this regard.

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