6 Most loved POS Billing Software That Any Retail Business Can Bank Upon

Being in the retail industry is one of the tedious things in the world, seeing the huge direct business-customer interaction. Businesses operating in the retail industry have to take care of updated inventory, quick billing, customer loyalty, discount & coupons, and much more other stuff at once. Thank God! We have POS billing software.
A product of high-end AI and technology, this tool can look after all these things without any glitches. It automates tons of menial tasks and reduces the efforts that any retail industry business has to make to streamline things. However, not every Online Billing Software has the power to do the same. Only the one which is packed with features and is able to cater diverse needs will suffice the purpose. In this post, we’re going to tell you about the top 6 POS billing software that is hard to miss out on and can help all sorts of retail businesses. So, stay tuned.

#1 – Moon Invoice 

This is one of the most famous cross-platform online billing software that has made retail business management speedy, accurate, and automated. All thanks go to its high-end features and facilities. It offers mobile apps for Windows and macOS and makes mobile invoicing a seamless job.

Key Features 

  • Free Trial
  • Wide range of invoice templates
  • iCloud
  • and Moon sync
  • Real-time expense tracking
  • Estimate-to-Invoice conversion
Whether you’re an industry beginner or a bug giant, this POS billing software is capable of handling the billing & invoicing operations with full perfection. Its interface is straightforward and doesn’t demand any special technicalities to operate it. Its end-to-end automation is a game-changer for retail businesses as it can save a huge deal of effort and time. It sets the team free from investing manual hard work on menial jobs like invoice generation and dispatching. The e-invoicing facility of Moon Invoice is fully modernized and lets businesses share them with clients via emails and SMS. In a nutshell, Moon Invoice is here to infuse high-end productivity and accuracy in the billing operations of businesses operating in the retail industry.

#2 – Square 

For start-ups, Square is an ideal choice to make. With robust inventory and employee management features, this online billing software can be part of small retail shops and outlets.

Key Features 

  • Credit Card Processing
  • Online Checkout
  • QR Scanning
The end-users will be highly beneficial from its features like unlimited SKU count, time tracking, custom printing, and online checkout. It lets you allow to link the vendor details with an item and auto-order the product.

#3 – Shopify POS 

Those who own both an online and offline retail store can bank upon Shopify POS. It can integrate these two stores as one and help you have seamless invoicing & billing operations.

Key Features 

  • Staff POS PINs
  • Multiple stores handling
  • Easy return & exchange
  • E-invoice
It lets your customers return or exchange an online purchase in an offline store, which is a huge plus point. With its help, one can keep the long billing queues at bay as it lets the customers pay from anywhere, within the store.

#4 – QuickBook POS 

Up next is the QuickBook POS which is both feature-rich and easy-to-use. We were highly impressed with its ability to bring multiple departments like accounting, CRM, and HR into one place and streamline the entire operations.

Key Features 

  • Wide range of integrations
  • Automated QR code reading
  • Cloud sync
  • Reporting and estimates
Despite all these features, its high cost can be an issue for few businesses, especially those who are new in the business. So, we have to say that it’s not for everyone.

#5 – FreshBooks 

FreshBooks is a well-rounded and intuitive POS software that can be easily integrated with the existing system and handle the invoicing & billing from ground level. Because of its delightful user experience, businesses with the least technical assistance can easily adopt this tool.

Key Features 

  • Inventory  tracking
  • Detailed client records
  • Team collaboration
While all these things seem perfect, Freshbooks is not able to match Moon Invoice when offering customer support. There is minimal set-up help and is not offered all the time.

#6 – Wave 

If you’re looking for absolutely free online booking software then try Wave. Without charging you a single penny, it offers optimal support and assistance.

Key Features 

  • Recurring Invoicing
  • Invoicing Management
  • Multi-currency support
  • Invoice Customization
It can be used on platforms like iOS, Android, and browsers without any glitches. Considering its offering and zero-expense assistance, we can say that Wave is a great choice.

Ending Notes 

With the right kind of POS billing software, retail or any other industry can reap ample benefits at billing & invoicing related operations. Tons of manual hard work can be reduced up to a significant level, accuracy can be doubled up, and businesses can enjoy automation at every level. This article covered the top 6 POS Billing Software of 2021 for businesses with details on why these tools are suitable for you. All the online invoicing software that we have mentioned in this post is capable of achieving all these goals. Give them a try and figure out their full capabilities.

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