6 Signs It’s Time to Replace Your Old Fence

Replace Your Old Fence

Many people fail to understand that fences that are placed around the yard can make or break the appearance of a house. Knowing when to replace or redesign the fences can help you to keep your home in prime condition

Besides the aesthetics, fences also play their part in maintaining security and protection. Thus, it is crucial to know when it is time to replace your old fence. Here are the signs that you should look for if you have a fence around your home.

  • Holes Appear In The Fence

Does the board of your fence look like it has polka dots on it? These may seem to ruin the overall appearance of the fence, and it seems like the fence will break apart soon. It happens because insects and mites attack the fence material and start chipping on it. If one or two boards have holes, you may consider replacing those only.

However, if the holes are more widespread, it is an indication that there is severe damage across the fence. Holes in multiple boards are the most common indicator that it is time to replace the fence. Besides replacing the old fence, you should also consult an exterminator. Ask them to come check what is causing the damage in the first place. 

Once you have identified the root cause, you can move to replace the fence. If you replace it before you have gotten rid of pests, you are throwing your money down the drain. 

  • It Is Leaning Over

If your fence is doing anything other than staying upright, it is a sign that you should invest in a new fence. Although you can prolong the life of your fence by addressing the small sections that are ripping off, you’ll likely find that this issue will ultimately affect the entire fence.

Leaning fences are a sign that there are much deeper problems underneath. They can eventually topple the entire fence if not taken care of. It will save you time and money if you consider replacing the fence when the first few boards lean over.

  • It Is Weathered

The changing climate conditions can also create a negative impact on the fence. If your residential fence has been through several storms or rains, it may start withering away. Even though it doesn’t happen right away, you should consider replacing it if there are some initial signs.

Look for mold or algae if you live in a city with a rainy climate. Sometimes, when the fence greys, it dries out and loses its structural integrity. The grey, discolored fence can easily chip or break. So, if the fence has changed its appearance, take a look for other weaknesses and signs of damage.

  • You Need More Privacy

One of the main purposes of a fence is to keep your area secure and private. If you have nosy new neighbors or they have kids and pets who seem to enter your area without permits, it means you need to change the fence. 

Moreover, if your fence is not tall enough, your pet might be able to climb over it and escape easily. To prevent this problem, it is best to replace the fence entirely. When you do, talk with the fencing company in detail about what you want. That will help them build a fence that meets all your needs.

  • Maintenance Costs Are Piling Up

Staining and occasional board replacement are the basic requirements of a fence. Nonetheless, if you find that your fence calls for maintenance more often than usual, you should consider replacing it. 

You try hard to keep your current fence in good shape because getting a new one can be expensive. But sometimes, constantly fixing it can end up costing more than just replacing it altogether.

If you notice that you’re spending a lot on repairs, it might be time to think about getting a new fence. Take a close look at how much you’ve spent on fixes recently. If it is getting close to a thousand dollars or more, you should have considered a new fence sooner. It is important to say goodbye to the old and welcome in the new.

Remember to call the experts when it comes to fence replacement. You will find several options but make sure you go for the reliable ones. Search “fencing contractors near me,” then check their reviews and pricing. This will help you to pick the ones with an esteemed reputation and extensive experience.

  • There Are Boards Missing

Missed boards are one clear sign that your fence needs a replacement. You can purchase one or two boards and add them in the empty areas. But, if it happens quite often, you should go for the replacement of the entire fence block. 

As time passes, the boards on your fence might become loose and eventually fall off. Even though the fence is still standing, for now, it is likely weakened and could collapse suddenly. This could be risky, especially if you have kids or pets who play in the yard a lot. Plus, it makes your backyard look less nice.

Your boards might also get damaged from accidents, like hitting them with a weed trimmer, or from weather events, like a tree falling on the fence.

If your fence is damaged, sometimes it is better to replace it entirely rather than trying to fix it, especially if it is really bad. If it doesn’t seem safe, don’t take any chances. Get a new fence to keep your family safe and your yard secure.

Parting Notes

There comes a point when you can’t do the repairs any more. The cost of repairs becomes higher than the cost of replacing fences. If this is about to happen in your case, you shouldn’t think twice before replacing the fence. 

Not only will you get a fence that looks attractive, but you have a new chance to take care of things that ruined your first fence. Don’t forget to share the snaps of your new fence in the comments below!

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