7 Smart Storage Hacks for Small Bathrooms

The bathroom storage paradox comes from the fact that this is usually the smallest room in the house, yet, there are so many items that you need to fit there. So, how do you handle this situation if your bathroom is particularly small? By being extra resourceful. You need to come up with a plethora of storage hacks for your small bathroom in order to utilize every single inch. At the same time, you need to watch out for the visual appeal of the area and avoid cluttering the space.

Smart Storage Hacks for Small Bathrooms

Here are six ideas you might find handy.

1. Shower storage

Having integrated bathroom storage is both handy and efficient. On the one hand, you keep all your showering equipment at the hand’s reach, which means that you won’t have to prepare them or move them closer when taking a bath. Due to their nature, these were made to be water-resistant or are in a water-resistant package. Apart from this, integrated storage saves room and allows your shower cabin to remain clutter-free. The choice of the tiles will determine the aesthetics of your tub, which is also something that you should bear in mind while designing it.

An alternative to this idea would be to install water-resistant storage designed especially for your shower. What are the characteristics of such a storage design? First of all, it’s made out of water-resistant but also mould-resistant materials like PVC or aluminium. Second, it’s compact so that it doesn’t obstruct movement in the shower. Keep in mind that you can find these in any furniture or even hardware store. Also, the variety is quite substantial, which is why you can easily find one that will fit the design of your bathroom.

Wrap Up: Your key objective is to find a way to store all the items you’ll need while showering inside an actual shower cabin.

2. Fabric skirt under the sink

One of the unused storage areas in your bathroom that you could utilize is below your sink. This is nearby, accessible and convenient. One complaint that people have with this storage method is the fact that it may look bad. Fortunately, there’s a way around this. What you need to do is add a fabric skirt under the sink. This way, you have a chance to stack a lot of items here and keep them away from your sight, while knowing that they’re still there. The greatest thing about this method is just how inexpensive it is. Still, it only works if you have a standalone sink, not if it’s built into a cabinet.

There are other ways you can maximize space under the bathroom sink. If you have enough room, you can go for something like modular stacking bins and baskets. This way, the solution is so visually pleasing that you may avert the need for fabric altogether. Expandable organizers are another great idea, especially for those who want to go for that secret agent setting. On the surface, the area will look small but the storage capabilities will surprise any visitors once you start expanding the drawers.

Wrap Up: The area under the sink is criminally underrated and underused. If you’re worried about what the storage solutions will look like, you can always conceal them with a fabric skirt.

3. Buying a vanity unit

A vanity unit is more than just a storage method. It’s a way for you to improve your morning routine. It is also one of the best ways to add a hint of elegance to your bathroom. Sure, you could just install a mirror above the sink and add some lights but this method has two distinct problems:

  • There’s no storage involved
  • The comfort level is nowhere near a real vanity

For these very reasons, it’s always best to go with bathroom vanity units. This is one of those things that you don’t even know you need until your install it. From that point on, you can’t imagine living in a home without one.

There are so many advantages of owning a bathroom vanity. For instance, since it includes a mirror, it will make your bathroom look bigger, which is one of the objectives you should be striving towards in a small bathroom area. Second, it helps you keep your cleansing routine more efficient. Seeing as how this is a primary purpose of a bathroom, it provides you with the optimal space use in this condensed space. Finally, it gives you adjustable height options, which allows you even more options for storage.

Wrap Up: When it comes to space efficiency and the general efficiency in your bathroom, there’s nothing quite like getting a vanity unit.

4. Packaging matters

When it comes to finding storage, your options depend on two things:

  • Your storage options
  • The package of the product

In other words, when getting items for your bathroom, you can always look for something that comes with its own rack. You can also pick items that are of the shape/size that are stackable with the rest of your bathroom inventory. Sure, this won’t always be an option but it’s one thing that could potentially make your life a lot easier. 

Generally speaking, it might be worth your while to learn a thing or two about item stacking, to begin with. For instance, heavier items should always be stacked at the bottom. Stacking against the wall (especially in the bathroom) is not necessarily a good idea. Accumulated moisture might make outlines on the wall, which will give you more to clean. You see, cleaning tiles and wallpaper is relatively easy but if it’s fresh paint that we’re talking about… well, the situation might be less than ideal. Also, keep in mind that there’s a limit to the height to which you should be stacking.

Wrap Up: Remember that the choice of items and their organization outside of racks can make so much difference. This is something that you might have underestimated and should definitely explore.

5. Mount a towel rack

There are many options for you to mount a rack on the wall, thus utilizing the vertical space in your home, as well. However, there’s nothing handier than doing the same with a mounting rack. Sure, you can also hang a towel on a hook next to your shower area, however, what if you have more towels or too many inhabitants, each of which needs a towel. This is also the most sanitary way to keep everyone’s towels apart and provide optimal storage efficiency.

When it comes to mounting a rack, there are several principles you should keep in mind. First of all, the ideal height is at least 48 inches off the floor. You don’t want it so high that you can’t reach it but you also don’t want it too low either. Keep in mind that there are some racks that you can pin to another structure. For instance, you can pin it to the side of a bathroom cabinet, thus getting full functionality while merely using a portion of the space required for it.

Wrap Up: A towel rack is one of the most important storage elements in your entire bathroom. Choosing the right variant and learning how to mount it are equally important.

6. Use the toilet

The toilet tank can be used as an additional surface for you to keep small items on. Now, unlike the washing machine, there’s no danger of vibrations pushing anything off the tank. However, if you did push something, there’s a risk that it would go into the toilet water. Therefore, the selection of items that you can go here is supposed to be based on the size (small but not too small) and stability (as stable as it gets). This way, you get to disburden a part of your general area. It also means that you might want to be more careful, yet, this is always a great tip on how to act in a small bathroom.

Your choice of the toilet makes all the difference, as well. You see, its size, height and, as we could see, the choice of the tank makes a massive difference in your bathroom’s storage capacities. There’s one more way you can use your toilet to save space. Namely, a lot of people add a bidet to their bathroom in order to add more function to it. For you, there’s a better solution. By buying a bidet seat, you can have an additional function without having to add a whole new fixture to your small toilet. 

Wrap Up: Your toilet (especially your toilet tank) can be used for matters of storage. However, the type of toilet will play a huge role in this storage potential.

7. The shelf above the sink

Depending on how much space you have above the sink and if the mirror is too high, you might want to consider installing a shelf above the sink. With that in mind, you might also want to install shelves above the majority of other bathroom elements. This won’t really take that much space and it will give you a whole new dimension to work with. A shelf above the toilet, however, is not a very good idea, seeing as how it will be hard to reach.

This is also a way for you to be quite creative. Namely, what you have a problem with is the vertical space. Once you reinvent this and start looking at the vertical space in your bathroom, you’ll get more storage space than you need. Seeing as how this is the space that would otherwise be completely empty, it will feel like making storage out of air.

Wrap Up: Using vertical space for storage is one of the most obvious and inventive ways to solve your small bathroom storage problem. It also adds a completely new direction to plan in.

In conclusion

The biggest difference between a small and a large bathroom is that the margin of error in the first is a lot smaller. So, you should take your time to plan everything to the smallest detail. Even the biggest bathroom can get cluttered if you’re not careful enough. With a small bathroom, everything needs to be in its spot. Sure, this is a challenge but a challenge makes it all more interesting.

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