7 Technological Pillars to Support Your Business

Have you asked yourself, ‘how can technology give you a leg up?’ Whether you have a big business setup or a small, a well-thought technological strategy is essential. IT strategies do a lot for your business than just business planning. For instance, when you skim through Xfinity Internet Prices, there’s a lot of planning and thinking involved with the help of these strategical tools. Technology helps you shape your business. In the current business scene, you need to incorporate technology essentially.

Technological Pillars of Business

While running a business, consider every minute valuable. You have so much on your plate and the hours are limited. And you need to get everything done in that time. All sorts of business revolve around three things, product, people, and profits! So, to get your targets fulfilled, you need to utilize technological tools. Well, they are not magic bullets but they will maximize your capacities.

7 Technological Tools to Give Your Business an Edge

  1. Trello
  2. Slack
  3. Freshbooks
  4. PandaDoc
  5. Calendly
  6. ZenDesk
  7. MailChimp

Let’s know them better!


Chaos is perhaps the biggest enemy of any organization. You essentially need an efficient project management tool to combat all the chaos. Trello is a handy tool that will serve the said purpose. It allows you to manage and organize the projects right from the beginning until the end. You can:

  • Create cards for every task.
  • Assign the cards to the designated employees for those tasks accordingly.
  • Mention and assign deadlines with every task
  • You can add comments
  • You get to trach the progress when each card moves towards completion


Smooth communication is the key to smooth business operations. Even if you have a million other business tools, if you don’t have an efficient tool for smooth communication, you are going to encounter problems. Check out this user-friendly online chatting tool called Slack. No matter where your team members are located, it will keep them in contact. With Slack, you can:

  • Create separate conversation threads based on specific topics.
  • This way, all the conversation regarding a particular project will be in one place.
  • Collaboration becomes easy and decisions are made quickly.


Economic uncertainty is perhaps the biggest challenge when it comes to running a business. Managing finances is not a piece of cake. It can be really stressful. Especially when you are doing it completely on your own. Therefore, if you don’t want to hire more resources, try Freshbooks. It is a simplified and convenient system for managing finances. You can:

  • Track all your expenses.
  • Manage books without much effort.
  • Send invoices.
  • When accounting to this secure and fast, you get to have plenty of time to devote to different areas of your business.


Businesses always involve tedious paperwork. While a lot has gone digital, it seems like a real hassle to rely on papers for proposals, contracts, and quotes. That’s where you need a document management tool. With PandaDoc, you will not need to scan and print documents. Instead, everything is handled digitally. With this tool, you can:

  • Create, edit, send and track any business-related document in just one place.
  • You have the option of creating e-signatures.
  • Everything is conveniently streamlined in this one tool, you save a lot of time that you used to spend on documents. This allows you to focus on other important tasks.


Is your business schedule really packed? If you don’t have an assistant or a secretary, it would be difficult to schedule meetings and set reminders. Calendly can do the job for you. It can schedule appointments and meetings. It allows you to coordinate your schedule.


Lately, customer service has emerged as a mandatory concept for business. Modern customers expect to have an essential plus of customer support with every service or product that they buy. Therefore, providing efficient customer service is resulting in immense benefits. Your interactions with your customers, even the brief ones, matter a lot. ZenDesk is what you need here. It allows you to:

  • Ensure satisfying your customers in every interaction
  • Connect with your users and customers from anywhere. It can be email, phone, or social media. All available on the same dashboard.


In businesses, it is a common practice to send mass emails. MailChimp allows to connecting effectively with your emails lists. You can:

  • Create professional emails with this tool.
  • You can forward those emails to all your contacts.
  • Track your campaigns.
  • You can create automated emails, hence saving yourself from the hassle of sending them
  • The tool gathers the data for you and enlightens you about the success of your campaign.

So next time your emails aren’t getting through, don’t blame your Xfinity customer service (1-855-850-5974). What you need is a marketing automation software! That and all of the above mentioned! You will see your business functioning quite better in just a few months.

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